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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm in the right topic since I'm new, but I really need help: Everytime I take a pregnancy test, it says 0% of probabilities to became pregnant, no matter what, every single day... Even few minutes ago my sim become actually pregnant. I mean, it always said 0%, but all sudden my sim is pregnant. So I think the pregnancy test is failing! because It doesn't give me the real numbers I have my game with the period thing one put in normal cycle, and the pregnancy with the option of cycle as well. Either if I try with protection, or go the four seasons without any protection, it always says 0% of probabilities Sorry for my english, and thank you so much if you reply early
  2. Sorry, but I cant't download this content! I clicked on the link at the end, and it sends me to a page that says download, mirror1,2 and 3. I clicked on download, but it doesn't work
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