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  1. hey dude can you help me download the mod i've been trying to get downloaded but it keeps asking me for a password
  2. and like i said before it keeps asking me for a password it will nolt let me download it
  3. the mod keeps saying there a password to it so it won't let me download it
  4. why is this mod saying there a password to it because it wou't let me download it
  5. look i have installed the se version i do not know what i did wrong but but i like seid before i tried almost everything to get it to work i doable check everything i downloaded and everything i downloaded was all in for skyrim se so if you think you can help me fix this then please join my discord and we will talk it out texting is not my strong suit
  6. my discord is Almost_Furry#4977 or you can join my sever and find me that way to talk to me without the friend thing https://discord.gg/T9j77n5X
  7. can you please make this mod for skyrim SE please
  8. which one do i click on to download becuase there too many to find the right one
  9. ok i get that but i use vortex now so what should i do fejeena
  10. the mod you gave me look fine but um it Requirements do not show up when i click onj the link
  11. Can anybody help me to get some sex mods (including nudity) for Oblivion? I am a beginner, so I may need clear instructions
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