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  1. Somethig wrong. I trying to tell the Dibella girl to do something or tell her to stop following me but she keeps on following me. Doesn't do nothing to ask her to do. She the only person got to there in the temple
  2. Thanks for getting back to me on this, no I didn't
  3. No I just uninsalled it and said forget it
  4. Doesn't work good for me, the penis extens way out and moves when thw xeno moves
  5. oh ok, thanks for getting back to me. I didn't understand it n e ways. Just was trying my hand out in it. Don't know n e thing bout modding, there is this mod the has two different type of schlong and just want to use it with my player and wonder it I cant make a only schlong of it instead of the npc that it is made for...
  6. Have I question , is this mod suppose to my a standalone SOS. Cause I'm looking to get SOS from one female to put on male player
  7. doesn't work for me, is this for SE. Cause it mod won't show up in menu
  8. Succubus Follower, Armor and Spells, u have this for regular skyrim, it look way better the the old one

    1. EvilReFlex




      Sorry no, I'm not playing vanilla skyrim and see no reason to play it.

      SSE runs much much better and the most mods are already ported. 

  9. Need help I followed thing to the letter, I can't get anime to go to different anime. It just playing the same over again and not going to other listed. Run the fnis
  10. Hi, having problem it the sos in npcs, it not showing up on me or n e Npc, It in the SOS Menu but not able able to use it
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