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  1. Update should be up tomorrow. New stuff includes a fix for the invisibility that occurs on males when some items are equipped and also plugs for the men, as well as the plain gold nipple rings. More items will be converted for men soon and there is new stuff in the pipe.
  2. New version is up...not sure if I did it correctly. Added some pics as well. Let me know if there is anything weird with it. I used the "add new version" thing but it seems like it might have not worked as well like it should have.... Also, for the moment, it is up on Steam again, listed as CNC.
  3. Yeah, it's possible some settings got changed/messed up over the duration of working on it. I could make them require gold bars...but that would just be evil.
  4. Yes, hopefully soon @HuntressLilith I have an issue that was brought to my attention that's taking a bit of time to fix, but the idea is to get it back on Steam.
  5. Yeah, I already have a new, very plain pic and the description etc. will be very simple. "Some RP items for the game." @eltio12just put it, by hand into the mod directory for Conan, you can find it by searching your Steam library and going to the Conan game. If you put the .pak file in the mod folder it will show up on the list. The announcement of serverside auto download of mods as well will help with everything. Was the best part of the Funcom announcement.
  6. Doing a bit of everything. Making some fixes, the lootable issue among them as well as some other minor changes. Steam just changed their policy on adult content - pretty much anything goes - but it hasn't been activated yet. Adding the Collar tag to all the items to make it work well with Sexiles new feature My account is able to upload again, so I hope to have CNC both here, at Steam and eventually at Nexus. I've given a few items to the "Thrall Wars" mod team to include in their mod (latest version has a couple collars)
  7. The items are just for looks. I did it that way on purpose. Sexiles has a set of items that actually restrict which is cool. If you use the special "collar" warpaint in Sexiles you should be able to use leashes with my collars. The function as "light armor"in general so you can actually functionally wear them. As for the block, I'm not sure. I intend to test it out again and there are some work arounds, but that would involve a new account/rebuying CE potentially.
  8. Yeah, I've considered it and did try something like that initially...with no luck. While they didn't ban my account, it seems like they may have prevented me from uploading mods. While, from time to time, I share an item or two, one of the things I like about maintaining it on my own is it is kept clean and free of "extra" things. It makes it easy to update and control. To be fair the hassle with Steam took a bit out of me. I have no idea how the other mods are still there, but they are all made by friends and while I did link a bunch of things on Steam to show my content I wasn't
  9. A fix is coming. Life has been busy lately, but I'm looking to get back to getting into it soon.
  10. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99528-ce-cuffs-and-collars/ Give it a try, if you want. Most the items have been setup to have similar values to light armor and there are no stamina or movement penalties etc..
  11. Cuffs and Collars is like this. The exact thought was to make them armor that could be worn regularly.
  12. It's a flag I missed and nobody else had mentioned. I'll see about flipping them to lootable on the next update.
  13. Actually, Shend did part of that to some degree, because she is awesome. There is a special warpaint that should make my collars work with her leashes. I'm trying to keep CNC pretty lean and clothing only. No heavy blueprint work etc. which makes it easier to work with other mods and also very easy to rebake and update for the inevitable game updates.
  14. I tried and tried to make reasonable arguments. Offered to change the picture and description. Linked to them numerous titles available for sale on steam that have sex, incest and more. Any logical, reasonable argument was dismissed without recognition as it proved they were completely wrong. It was my fault for being honest in the first place I suppose. I made extra effort to make sure all characters were clothed in the screenshots and everything. Anyway, it's here now. We run it on our casual PVE server Vale of Corruption, if people are looking for a more laid back home. (I'll po
  15. Hey, no idea if I set this up right, but the mod here is the one recently taken down from Steam. I'll add some screens later and post updates as they occur.
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