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  1. Wow, great info, thank you! I especially love the details about how to set up the mod folder structure and path name overrides for things like textures. I should be able to set something like that up and running. I'm also hoping to support a UI in-game to load mods. Luckily I've got a pretty good solution for the scripting language already. All content is loaded and triggered via Ink Script by Inkle: https://inklestudios.com/ink You can actually test and play through ink scripts without the game client at all. For instance, we test scripts out and get feedback here: https://deviant-dev.github.io/dominatrix-simulator-ink All the "/command"s are there to trigger stuff on the game side. I'm hoping to find a way to load and compile raw scripts straight from the shared assets folder while the game is running so it can be updated and testing in realtime. As for larger 'combined' assets like scenes and characters, I'm hoping to eventually get to the point where I can have some mod tools that will let people create their own using a free copy of Unity. Definitely a longer-term goal, though. Eventually, I'd love all content including the main game to run exclusively from the moddable Shared Assets folder. Thanks for the reply!!
  2. Hello! I'm developing an NSFW Unity game and looking to set up modding support. I'd love to know games or mod systems have made your modding life the most enjoyable. Ideally, it would be a service or store asset that comes with a Unity plugin for a modding API, but any good experience with a Mod platform and especially what made it good would be great to hear about for research purposes. Thanks!
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    We've just recently updated our lewd VR game and everything but the very latest content is free. Also on Steam. ? Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/953270/Dominatrix_Simulator_Threshold/ Itch: https://deviantdev.itch.io/dominatrix-simulator Mega: https://mega.nz/#!67oVzKhb!pJr6X50aRrSVp8k3g_YbKDjan5wG4yeVZz7jDoZeD4o Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/deviantdev Discord: https://discord.gg/UxUDEE6 Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!
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