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  1. Thank you; much appreciated.
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/images/170362 Anyone have any idea where the hair in this screenshot comes from? If an actual NIF isn't available I'd be fine with knowing where to get the mesh.
  3. Yeah, it was the texture's fault. I didn't rename the textures to the name formatting that Oblivion uses. Why am I like this Thank you for the help though.
  4. I have been messing around with porting armors back and forth between Oblivion/New Vegas/Skyrim for a while but all of it was done through tutorials instead of studying NIFs as a format. That said, when these kinds of issues pop up I can't figure out the answer on my own. Attached to this thread is a blender file and my exported NIFs of a port of the "Budoka Goddess" armor from Skyrim to Oblivion. From within Blender and NIFSkope, everything is properly rigged and attached. However, In-Game the NIF fails to follow the correct bones. From what I could gather, for whatever reason each shape in the NIF is only following the first bone listed in its NiSkinInstance. Can anybody that understands Oblivion NIFs tell me what in the world went wrong that these meshes don't work in-game? It'd also be nice if someone could fix the file for me but I'd settle for someone just telling me what is wrong and how to fix it.