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  1. yep I added that from a suggestion on an earlier post, when I was sure it was Animations (even when well below max) that could be causes the CTD BUT, no, still getting the CTD still have no idea what is causing it Papyrus.0.log
  2. Getting CTD after selecting to "Start New Game" from Main Menu. It Loads for about 30 seconds maybe a little longer, then CTD. I thought it was a missing Master. As to FNIS and Animations, as you see they are very low at the moment, also not CTD before Main Menu, which is often indication of to many Animations. I suspect as you have suggested the update for FNIS may be needed to adjust for the new version of XPMSE?
  3. OK so I will untick "gender specific" (I know it used to be almost required) LOOT showed 2 Errors and a bunch of dirty files, I fixed the Errors, have not cleaned the Drties (with TE5Ediit, or is it TESEdit?) But that takes very little time and from past experience, I can clean it up but they will just get dirty again as things change around or get re-installed. Vortex gives very little indication to Errors, and non to Dirty Files. Some warning like if missing Master Files, or Load clashes, alot is do yourself and sometimes trial and error. So the problem could simply be that FNIS for LE is not updated to include the extra bones, and inturn some of the animations/body Mods that use the new Skeleton?
  4. As you can see I updated the Creature Files (thanks I had not checked them for a long time so had no idea how out of date they were) I also Update XPMSE although it was listing the same Version number I had. But I still get the "unknown" skeleton? Could that be due to some of the Body Mods? Or Nymph Girls? I have set XPMSE to load after all these, including Creatures? It's nice to have worked out how to add LOOT lol otherwise I would never have been able to link load order from Vortex Papyrus.0.logPapyrus.1.log
  5. Ok I tried a few suggestions, they did not work... So I stripped all Mods, even re-installed SkyrimLE SKSE, and Vortex. Including changing Vortex File paths to delete any Mods on a fresh start (seems Vortex unlike NMM has no function to completely "Clean Slate" your mods?) Yet still I am CTD!!! W!T!F! Yes I am getting very frustrated, very!! I know there are problems, but I have no idea and it is driving me crazy, I have not even added all the Mods I originally had... I am thinking maybe the .ini files but it has been a while since I have played around with them Papyrus.0.log
  6. Hey^^ cool I will give it a try, cause atm I really just want all the animations I used to have that for some reason I can't have anymore? That is what is confusing me the most, I know it is animations, but they all worked fine together, then all of a sudden they decided to not work together?
  7. Vortex, as to Load Order I am not entirely sure how to link that via Vortex, like you used to be able too when using LOOT I did remove most animations again, it loaded, but, now when I slowly load each to test, at a point it CTD again, even with less than 10k animations (according too FNIS) FNISS XXL I was under the impression allowed higher counts (not massively higher, but previously on my system it was close to at least 11k, not much if any more though, not the current way less than 10k?)
  8. I have gone back to a clean save, I even reduced animations to way below the 10k safety mark. Reinstalled FNIS even. But still I get CTD before the main menu even starts, yes a flash of it appears but thats pretty much it? I reinstalled FNIS between these 2 logs. Please help I know I am missing something and likely it is simple but I just can't see it... Papyrus.0.logPapyrus.1.log
  9. Is there a Location Guide for Finding the quest NPC's I am doing "A picture worth 1000 Septims" there is no quest tracker, I cannot even get a general location on the Map, it says Eat Empire Company guess what he ain't there (I may have killed all the guards in frustration...) Orthus Endario where for art thou Orthus? Problem I see is even after I find him, there will be other quests I am sure that will be well difficult as to complete due to vague information. Except maybe the 2 I spotted in Falkreath other than the Bill Poster... Scrap that I found him... forgot about Windhelm lol, still quest markers would be really handy
  10. I love this Mod, I am never without it in any play through. The Content and the Advice in your FAQ has helped me greatly to ensure a smooth and very fun game. Have you considered a Christmas special (you have done so in the past from memory). But instead of just Hats, maybe a Santa from the twisted and fun, with his Reikling Helpers, yeah I know would most likely take a huge amount of work, but I thought I would suggest it for some time in the future, maybe the reward is a special Reindeer outfit, similar to Pony Gear? lol an Easter Special with a Rabbit Outfit (Hoble Skirt for that extra bounce?) Easter Bunnies helpers (Escaped Virgins with Easter Gear) and an Egg Hunt? Once again though THANK YOU for your genius work.
  11. That is a fair point, and for my usual play throughs pretty much what I do (seeming I assume the crime system pretty much applies to me only, NPC's don't seem to care except to report). But, combine this awesome Mod with Sexlab Hormones and you could start as a Male, end up a Female, be cured back to a Male and so on? (Yes again on transformation an increase would work). It does raise an observation though, while it makes sense that NPC's don't actually get Bounties (they all would go to jail otherwise) They don't really obey laws either, hmm realised trying to implement that would be a huge undergoing I would think? Thank you as well, Sexlab Adventures is part of the Core Mods I use in all my play throughs.
  12. I was going through the usual set up for a new play through, when it occurred to me, no Mod that I have found actually incorporates a sexist point of view? The inspiration was while setting up Crime Laws for individual Holds You have Public Sex with Modifiers right (as you obviously know lol) Is it at all possible to include a Sexist Modifier, that would Influence Overall Bounties, (maybe with a Toggle for each Law to allow Sexist Modifiers or not), so for Example the Old Guy Jarl in Dawnstar could be a Sexist prick, and deem that all Bounties against Women are 2 times as High as the listed (with the Toggle you could then remove that increase from Public Nudity, cause he thinks all women should be Naked? Yeah he is a sexist misogynistic Prick). In any case something like that, even adding maybe to a similar function for some Bounties, like Thane Immunity but for Gender? (The Jarl in Falkreath insists that all men must be clothed while all women naked so men are immune to the Nudity Laws.
  13. OHH MY GOD!!! Yay, I got so excited when I saw you have released the update! It was like christmas or my Birthday actually more like both rolled into one, I gotta admit I did a little dance... I read everything, but I did not catch anything on High Ntmphii? Are they still under construction? I deleted my current game for a fresh start, have not actually loaded in yet... any hint on abilities for them (gotta say Bretons are my favorite base race)
  14. sounds like somehow their Morale level has changed, so they have gone from standard, or brave. To cowardly, kinda like rabbits and foxes, or if you change NPC's to run and hide during Vampire attacks
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