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  1. Excellent, I think I can do that. I'm slowly getting comfortable with CK & NifSkope. I saw that first place in the CK already, just need to find the second, and the right block part in NifSkope. Thanks!
  2. In the PAHE scripts folder there is a zipped archive named lvlpredator.pex or something close to that. Should I unzip it also? What does it do? Kinda spooky name, lol. Another thing, I noticed the golden slave collar in HSH is on slot 45 allowing my slaves to also wear a necklace with their slave collar. How hard would it be to change the slot on all the collars to 45? I think this is a relatively personal/idiosyncratic taste thing. I'm not asking you to do it. Just point me towards the right tool for the job and I'll figure it out eventually.
  3. Do containers add more to cell load overhead than static objects? I didn't feel right posting this in the support thread since it is more of a theoretical question. I have a very weak PC. I am trying to squeeze cell load (in my followers' house mods) down as small as I can get it. It would seem to me, just intuitively, that an empty container wouldn't be much different... an empty Noble Wardrobe vs empty Noble Shelves, for instance? But empty shelves scream for stuff to be put on them and that raises the cell's object count. The reason I am asking is, I am thinking about making so
  4. Buy a slave at the Auction House. They seem to be easier to get to 100 Respect. Then have that slave be your Respect trainer for other slaves. That is usually one of my first moves after setting up a HSH house.
  5. That's interesting. Something is interfering with the respect dialogues. They aren't popping up in the normal places in the conversations. I started a new game with a bunch of mods disabled that I thought might be the culprit (Jaxonz among them,) and still had the problem. I'll keep looking then.
  6. From what I have learned just through using Jaxonz, PAHE, and HSH, the main thing is to do your Jaxonz stuff without any slaves around and then log out. I think that keeps HSH, Hearthfires, or any other mod that places objects in the game world, from getting in a pissing contest over who has rights to place objects in a certain world space. I haven't personally witnessed any ill effects from using Jaxonz and PAHE together. It is just what I said above, MO throws a fit if I let PAHE overwrite Jaxonz. I read some stuff in the earlier threads about JContainers and Jaxonz using an older versio
  7. I read some old threads about it but didn't really get a definitive answer. How do you you make PAHE and Jaxonz Positioner play nice with each other? Mod Organizer throws a fit if I let PAHE overwrite Jaxonz. Is it okay to let Jaxonz overwrite PAHE? None of the vanilla houses or mod added houses are set up quite the way I want them to be. I really need Jaxonz to get rid of stuff I don't want and more importantly place stuff I do want. I looked at Cobb and Placeable Statics and neither of them really fits my needs. Cobb doesn't let you carry statics with you. Placeable Statics lacked too ma
  8. What is the trigger that gives the guard in the Restless Hunter the "spawn slave" dialogue option? Do you not get that option if you don't do the quest line? Or do you have to sell 3 slaves first, even though you skipped the quest line? I started a new play-through and couldn't get the dialogue option from the guard under any circumstances. Has anybody besides me installed the new version of Fuz'Ro'Doh? I wondered if that might be the cause and rolled back to the old version and still had the same issue. I should have thought first and saved a few logs but I was having other problems a
  9. Thank you. I was concerned that giving that command to more than one slave in the house might cause problems with Taskmaster stuff. I haven't experimented with any of that yet, either.
  10. I have been playing with this mod for a few months now. I like it because, as far as I am aware, it is the only way to get slaves to sandbox. I like to see my slaves walking around my houses from idle marker to idle marker. It makes the houses feel more lived in than just warehousing tied up slaves all over Skyrim. [If I am wrong about this someone please correct me. I would love to have a way for my PAHE slaves (the ones I can't fit in HSH due to the 50 slave limit) sandbox in the houses I keep them in.] With that thought in mind, what is the practical difference between the two commands u
  11. I am approaching the limit of 10 placed permanent cell tokens. I spent a house cell token in a place I now regret spending it. If I destroy that cell (can't remember the correct wording,) will I go from 8/10 permanent cells to 7/10? Something about the wording of the "no refund" made me wary. I don't care at all about the lost 1400 gold for cell token. I just want to get my permanent cell slot back. I just installed some new player home mods with a lot more room for doing slaver/bdsm stuff and would prefer to spend the tokens there. Another question: I have made it a personal mission to
  12. Under the section that says: Get Player Homes: Hack to claim player homes, and fully furnish them: Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun. Windhelm is excluded due to "Blood on the Ice", as are the Heathfires BYOH homes. Does not give the housecarls. No Children's deco. Do NOT use this if you play the vanilla game. Also likely not compatible with mods that alter the interior of these 4 homes. Also note that this setting does not persist. What do you mean when you say this setting does not persist? After a few days the house becomes unowned and unfurnished? Any slaves or followers I had camp
  13. I'll just try not to look when they are dancing. I never noticed it because I never had a player home with decent idles built into it, I guess.
  14. This only happens in dancing animations not sex animations. I have tried cutting down mods to the barest minimum required to produce nude dancing females. I am stumped. I have used several different body mesh/texture combinations. I have tried using body mesh and textures from the same mod/creator, if that exists... sometimes people just create textures knowing people will put them with somebody elses mesh. Has anybody ever seen this? Know how to fix it? spoiler FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldWorldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm TribalPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm ClassicPa
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