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  1. hello Trying to find the outfit below. I found this screenshot on Tetrodoxin Tumblr/random website but i was unable to find more information if the mod was private or if it was released to the public. Any information is greatly appreciated . & Thank you in Advance
  2. baconbitts

    [Solved] Hair Mod

    TY! for all the help!
  3. Hello, I am trying to find a certain hair style mod. The best way I can try to describe it would be ( Asian Long Hair with Bangs ) but with the hair going to the back and not the front. The current/closest thing i can find is this ( added image with swimsuit below ) . I would love if there is a variation of this Hair style mod where the pigtail hair goes to the back. Thank you in advance !!!
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    Hidielle Follower

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    Doomed Valkyrie CHSBHC BBP

    Thank you very much for the Armor!. on a side note just out of curiosity, I noticed that on the screen shots you provided, your character had golden tattoo's. would you mind posting a download. i was able to find the download link to the same tattoo but white version, not sure if i missed the link to the golden one. Thx