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  1. baconbitts

    Neck Gap error on Recently Created Follower

    Thank you for the response. have tried setting the weights to 100 and exporting the head but unfortunately it still going. I think what i will do is start from scratch and attempt to create the follower 1 more time. im guessing i must have missed 1 small step.
  2. hello, I have recently decided to make my character into a follower mod. I was able to successfully import the Face,Eye,Hair,Body etc. Currently the Follower works. The main problem that I have encounter is the Neck Gap on the character ( added screenshots below ). Originally when creating the character I encountered the same issue. I was able to fix this in Race Menu by ( clear sculpt > adding Mask to the neck portion > importing head ) I then exported face and then re-imported the face but this time without masking ( success no neck gap/Seam) In Creation Kit I made sure to set the weight correctly ( no fix) I experimented with changing weight on the character / Exporting face / importing / updating CK and testing ( no fix) I have also tested NifMerger ( merging nifs several times to see if i made the mistake there ) Any help is greatly appreciated . Thank you ! hopefully if a solution can be found this is the end result
  3. hello Trying to find the outfit below. I found this screenshot on Tetrodoxin Tumblr/random website but i was unable to find more information if the mod was private or if it was released to the public. Any information is greatly appreciated . & Thank you in Advance
  4. baconbitts

    [Solved] Hair Mod

    TY! for all the help!
  5. Hello, I am trying to find a certain hair style mod. The best way I can try to describe it would be ( Asian Long Hair with Bangs ) but with the hair going to the back and not the front. The current/closest thing i can find is this ( added image with swimsuit below ) . I would love if there is a variation of this Hair style mod where the pigtail hair goes to the back. Thank you in advance !!!
  6. baconbitts

    Hidielle Follower

  7. baconbitts

    Doomed Valkyrie CHSBHC BBP

    Thank you very much for the Armor!. on a side note just out of curiosity, I noticed that on the screen shots you provided, your character had golden tattoo's. would you mind posting a download. i was able to find the download link to the same tattoo but white version, not sure if i missed the link to the golden one. Thx