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  1. I'm trying to get 3DS max set back up. I'm going to be creating sliders for the body soon.
  2. You're welcome. 😃 I try to keep it cool. Makes life more enjoyable than being mean. =D
  3. If' you're willing to learn how to sculpt, do tutorials or even help us build sliders. Please come aboard. If you're patient and willing to make the time to help us. I'd love to teach you what I've learn so far and what I'm learning now. We've got so many resources now it's insane. I've begun sculpting the model and will begin creating a new UV for it. My goal will be to create a brand new body which works with all the races and his high poly at the end of the day. =). We can start off with small stuff and work our way into more complex. You'll just have to let me know what you have an interest in.
  4. I can see that. I've actually begun the process of sculpting BME into a more suitable body for Skyrim SE. It'll definitely have beast race support. I'm in the process of creating nipples and a belly button and will be creating a new UV for it. ? I hope this gets everyone happy.
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know you can find the Dizona Body for Skyrim LE here and you can find the erect version of the body here. This is the famous russian high poly male body which was made for Skyrim. Now here is the catch. It's not compatible with either bodyslide or SOS yet..... I'm going to see about reaching out to the mod author and work on this while I also to continue to work on BME. However, I feel this is a much better designed body and this should be the one everyone uses for bodyslide. The kicker is the way the UV is setup. It doesn't match SOS at all. Now I'm working on converting it to SSE as of right now and I'm going to be experimenting and seeing if I can get it to work with the HDT SMP physics too. I've got the weights I need to add to the body. If anyone is interested in my experiments and would like to play around with me and we give each other feed back please hit me up. I would like to get this body compatible with Bodyslide as a first priority while I experiment with trying to see if I can get the UV to work with SOS and seeing if I can fix a few things with the body. Here are some screen shots of the Dizona body if anyone is interested from the Nexus page. I'm just borrowing a few of their screens. They have a high poly head too, but it is not compatible with Racemenu so just a heads up. , d
  6. Has anyone noticed the new DIzona body has been uploaded to Skyrim LE server. I'm beginning experimenting with the mod and I'm going to try to see if I can get it compatible with Skyrim SE along with SOS light. I can't guarantee full at the moment, but I'm going to try to fix it up a bit. My main concern is the UV and not mesh that up.
  7. I've unforunately, haven't gotten that far yet. I've gotten BME to a nice point where the mod itself is basically setup well with weights and we're almost done deciding which dick to use. I might need to do some more work on the penis you saw above, but for the most part it's all going smoothly. I've recently just got my environment fixed up since I rant into computer issues. What I will say is with BME you should be able to create whatever side of dick you want and the original SOS dicks you'll be able to use accordingly if I can get BME working with SOS Full. Right now I know it works with light. No it wasn't too expensive. It's all the same parts and software. I just found out what the issue was. I didn't loose anything that I couldn't find back online. I lost my environment setups, but I got those up and running again just fine. ? All I'm doing now is setting up my Skyrim LE environment so I can test in Skyrim LE to get the proper stuff.
  8. I've literally just setup my python systems with Notepad++ and Pycharm as my IDE's. I'm using python 7.3 since it's stable. I was hoping to use 8.1c, but apparently it's not stable yet and won't be for some time. I want to make sure if there is any scripts I'm using I have a stable version of python. Whether it's adapting Blender nif plugin to SSE or FO4 or trying to upgrade Mesh Rigger from ttk to just plain tk. I want to make sure I've got something stable. I've got the environments setup now which is nice. You can use VSC, but the 2017 version only uses python 3.6 as of now and I don't know when VSC will release the 2019 yet. Don't do it alone man. Seriously, this community is lack big thing for coordination when it comes to these specific programs. These need to get update now!... I would love to see if Blender nif plugin, Nif XML and pyffi can be updated to work with Blender 2.8. I think it'll be much easier than 2.7,. I know the original author had upgraded everything to 2.6, but I don't know if he's still working on it.
  9. The Blender and nif tool plugins really need to be updated for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. I'm wondering if everyone is waiting for 2.8 sense it's a major update and works very well. The problem with 2.8 right now is the plugin features haven't been implemented. If anyone has knowledge of python. I'm starting to create plugins myself using this tutorial guide I found for 2.8 online. Check out this guys YouTube channel. He goes over the python scripts really well with 2.8. I'm studying them pretty hard at the moment. There might be a way to adapt Blender Nif Plugin to 2.8 with this guys videos. I'll keep searching. One last thing @Bubbajones_ya I've got a favor to ask you. The problem with making guides like these is sometimes the site breaks and it becomes hard to see pictures or certain links. Could you write an actual doc and upload it for Modders as well. This way it's on a rich text where you can post pictures or something similar? I ask, because too many times have I see this and sites break and the tutorial goes to shit. At least with a document you won't have to worry about it screwing up and people can always refer back to the text document or the pdf.
  10. @myuhinny Khan's Academy is a beautiful thing and I've been working on it. ? Actually taking a lot of algebra courses to help. Now here is my deal. The UV is terrible for the GUI since it uses Tkinter. Even if the author wanted to update the tool to SSE or FO4. Pyffi hasn't been update to work with BriShape which is the new version of the nifs for Skyrim SE and FO4. These are updated through the nif xml files on Niftools. It looks like someone was working on updating them, but hasn't really since. I've recently just got my python 3.8 environment setup and will start cracking on this little by little. I'm the new author of BME and UNPR for Skyrim SE and I want to use the tool to help me get the body's in top performance shape. It's able to create meshes very well. The only thing I wish the tool would do is smooth the mesh to the new smoothing level of the one I'm copying from, but a last that is not possible at this time. I'm going to look into it. Now the reason the bones are so big for the new skeletons is because of tkinters plug-in. It's under the this file. If anyone wants to update the UI to allow the bones to work properly. The UI has to be fixed. It works with tkinter. Example: The bonemenu as you can see if created through tkinker which is a GUI for python. Here is a link on how tkinter works and is created. But like above it uses a few version of tkinter which is ttk. The bonemenu doesn't have a scrollbar or a few other features which allows the GUI to expand to show the "Ok" button. I've been working on this issue for over a month now to figure out how to add a scrollbar to this program. I'm going to eventually get it. Tkinter requires you to first create a canvas and add a scrollbar for both the y and x axis with some padding to get it to work. My problem from this program was getting the bones to load. I realized the bone menu wasn't the problem that the whole UI needs to have scrollbar functionality along with expanding padding to allow the box to move with the setup. That's a lot of work. =P If it can be done and it will take time to update. It's not about math when it comes to UI. As for upgrading the pyffi and nif xml to get Mesh Rigger to work with BriShape. That's another problem in itself. XD But I want to show people the technical issues and what is the problem with this tool as of the moment.
  11. Here is the new HD Version of the dick. And it's smooth. Anyway, I hope this gets everyone excited.
  12. Update... Alrighty everyone. I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with the genitals. I realized the penis I created needed a new texture set and UV to be developed with normals, but that didn't seem like the best course of action. Here is what I did. I took Better males Flaccid penis. And turned it into an erect version. It's a bit smaller, but it's got the same UV and will work with better males textures. Here is a picture of BME full textures with the new penis. I'm going to upgrading the penis into a Hi-poly version of itself. I'm really excited about this one. I'm going to try and create a foreskin for this mesh and see how it looks. That'll have to have a new UV, but... It shouldn't be too hard if people want to use it. I'll see if I can create it from the Better Males foreskin mesh. ? Anyway, I hope everyone's excited. Things are progressing forward. Its compatible with SOS and is about the same exact size as average from SOS. Have a good weekend.
  13. Has anyone tried updating this tool to SSE or FO4 yet? I'm asking because I'm using it right now for Skyrim SE. I've got to use the older models of the tools, but so far it's working alright. So a few things. Mesh Riggers UI uses Tkinkter.. tkk along with tkinker for python. The entire program is designed around python. I want to update this tool to work with Skyrim SE and FO4. I'm slowly cracking at this and looking at the classes. Here is a document to understand ttk for python. Now here is my question and maybe someone can answer this for me. Does Mesh Rigger need to be updated through the scripts in it's own programming to work with the new SSE and FO4 nifs or does it need to have pyffi updated to work with those meshes?
  14. My computer got blown. I've fixed it and am reinstalling everything will begin work starting next Monday. I'm fixing up my work space environment and will be getting back on track soon. =D
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