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  1. Hey, so, running in to a bit of an issue. I'm on SE. I have tried both the unofficial SE conversion, and tried converting the version here. When I try to have my follower handle licenses, nothing happens. No licenses, no debt. However, the dialogue topics reflect that my follower is indeed handling my licenses. I tried having the follower stop managing licenses, and I get the normal response. The option to ask what the situation is remains. I ask what the situation is, and I get the slave dialogue. This is with the update you posted Tuesday, which you claimed should have fixed it, so I do
  2. Frog, you are doing God's work. Thank you so much.
  3. Tbh, I haven't had the chance to try it yet. Been no-lifing Nier:Replicant the past couple of days. Once I'm done with that, I'll try out the new upload. :3
  4. And hey, that's fine! That's the amazing thing about opinions, is that they're subjective. I will give you that depending on what you're aiming for, SE can take a bit more work to get it looking how you want it, because as I said, there are certain things that SE lost in the transition to 64-bit. It completely fucked with some small things LE ENBs could do, and you know, good luck getting Boris to really dive in and try to figure it out for SE at this point. Pretty sure the man can't be arsed to try that hard. SE on its own, as a base, is definitely more stable. How it operates after you'
  5. It could very well be an outfit you have is poorly tuned for SMP, yeah. That's entirely possible. And yeah, that definitely is hard to narrow down when you don't even have a solid idea of where it's coming from. In terms of appearance... that's debatable. LE ENBs can still do a couple of things that SE ENBs can't, but on the other hand, SE has worldspace volumetric lighting, which you can't really replicate on LE. It's a give and take, and ultimately, it's subjective opinion, so no use really debating about it. I'd hope though that you have the willpower, not to give up on moving to
  6. One thing I can think of, if you're using SMP for body physics, see if you can use CBPC instead. I know 3BA has an option for that. I don't know about BHUNP. CBBE SMP on the other hand... Well, you can figure that one out.
  7. In fairness, as someone who plays SE exclusively, and assists with troubleshooting mods in an official capacity elsewhere, this is not an SE problem. This is a user problem. If you have a moderately recent PC, SMP's impact should be negligible, unless you have a good 5-10 things on screen that use it. In fact I run Artesian Cloaks for Cloaks of Skyrim, meaning pretty much every single guard has a physics-enabled cloak, and I usually keep a constant 30-40 frames with ENB, DynDOLOD, and other visual mods active. Whatever is leading to such massive FPS drops, it's somethin
  8. This honestly sounds like something better handled as an MCM option, because there may be times where SLS kicks in before it's supposed to, as I've had in my experience, or things bug out at the most inopportune times. If someone has managed to build a relatively stable LL load order (teach me your ways!), then they may want the added difficulty of manually handing over contraband. If not though, then they may want it automatically handled, so other potential glitches don't cause them to be punished due to something that isn't on them.
  9. I reinstalled FNIS, though I can't say for certain that had anything to do with it.
  10. I see, makes sense. Devious Guards, yeah, I don't see much need for it in my load order for similar reasons. As far as Public Whore, once you have an idea of what it does, it might be good to reach out to Visio, so he can account for potential integrations while he's still building on the base mod?
  11. Hey, Lupine, just throwing out an idea for you to maybe consider down the pipeline, once the main stuff is out of the way. With the mod, Public Whore having been released, do you think there might be some way to potentially tie it in with Devious Followers? As it stands now, the intro quest has the player reporting to a specific character in Whiterun or Solitude, but the mod also supports just volunteering to be the public prostitute for the city, essentially. Maybe it could be an extreme form of debt collection imposed by the DF? Either at very high debt levels or once enslaved.
  12. I don't seem to have a button to do that, and it's still an issue on a fresh game. EDIT: I forgot I had an older version of Slavetats, since YPS at the time was having issues with the newest version. Updated it, and grabbed Skyrimll's updated eventsbridge, will see if that fixes it.
  13. Miscellaneous settings. Sorry, wires got crossed. Content settings.
  14. Hey, so I'm having a slight problem with the slavetats not being applied to my character. Other mods seem to work fine. Trying a new save just in case, but in case that doesn't fix it, any ideas?
  15. As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be anything to really worry about converting for SE. I grabbed this mod and it worked out of the box. Just had to let ZAZ for SE overwrite it. Resaving the plugin, obviously. As for facegen on SE, I grabbed the blackface fix which resolves the issue. Of course, if you included facegen for the SE version, even better.
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