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  1. Have you udated your skse recently? If so, be sure to update race menu as well.
  2. Do you mean your CBBE bodysliders don't show ingame in racemenu? If you got your loadorder done with LOOT then you should be able to get SOS and CBBE working. Loot is far from being a perfect solution to build your load order but will give you a solid starting point. You can check for conflicts later on via xEdit https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/164 to determine your best individual load order. But my guess is your load order is not your actual problem. Could you get a bit more specific? Maybe some screenshots would help. Also be sure to have all requirements inst
  3. No, I don't use SLS. Have you had success so far?
  4. xDxD looks perfectly fine to me! just kidding.Have you already tried to disable all lipstick mods? Maybe it's a mesh getting overriden?
  5. I didn't need to modify anything.. but i don't really get what you mean. Could you post a screenshot? Have you installed something related to lips?
  6. Thx Sairion. I always liked the idea behind osex. But characters not being able to climax made using it rather pointless for me. With this you made it so much better. In a quick test it worked really good. I encountered a minor bug though. My character didn't want to stop looking in the upper right corner.
  7. Thank you for this mod, DSHV. There are too few mods like this (at least that i know of). Is it compatible to dohvakiin's infamy?
  8. First off, thanks for your input! I gave opparco a try but blinking still stops a few seconds after exiting racemenu (with blink fix installed). Expressions are not working at all.. the result is quite the same as it was with mfg fix.
  9. Yes, I'm using mfgfix indeed! What is your experience with emotions? Is it compatible to oc headtracking/sl expressions?
  10. Thanks for your response. I already have the blink fix and it works for PC Head tracking very well. Only with Yps installed, not only the blinking stops, but also the emotions (e.g. SL expressions) cannot be applied. With MfG info i can see that the expression values are correctly set, but the face remains neutral. It's like Yps changed something that headtracking/facial animations depend on.
  11. I've encountered an issue where my character's emotions and blinking stops. I can fix it temporarily by entering racemenu, but the problm returns after 10-20 seconds. Apart from that the mod works great so far (only using/tested the hairgrowth part). Does anybody know how to fix this?
  12. Did you measure the power usage with software or a wattmeter? I don't think software is able to measure it exactly/fast enough. There may be peaks between the measurement intervals that could be read by a wattmeter. Software is only able to give you results while everything is running okay. I saw differences in power usage ranging from 350W in average to 1050W during heavy load scenarios. Did you run memtest?
  13. One thing that can be quite tricky to figure out could be your power supply. I had this problem with a vega64. Each stress test (except for userbenchmark) ran smoothly. But in certain games the PC kept restarting. I solved this problem by replacing the PSU with a bigger one (500W -> 1000W. Even 750W weren't enough). Long story short, if you don't suspect your graphics card to be the culprit, remember to check your PSU as well. Sudden restarts can be triggered by overvoltage protection from your mainboard or PSU internal safety mechanisms. Overclocked hardware consumes significantly more pow
  14. Thx for your suggestions! I was testing a little bit and think the slavetats approach might provide the most consistent transistion between the stages. On top of that it doesn't take a slot and can coexist with bikinis. The only problem i have is i am not handy with paint.net or gimp and have a hard time getting textures look as good as yours. I think it would be quite easy to get it to work with SoS Hairs but don't know how this could be any better than SlaveTats. SoS Hair takes up a Slot and testing takes a considerable amount of time, whereas you can easily swap or modi
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