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  1. Wow, here I am thinking this post had LONG been around, and it was only 9 hours ago this was posted. I don't know if i'll ever get a chance to enjoy Skyrim in VR (Have a Quest 2, but have a laptop that only WISHES it could handle VR games, (but I'm still trying to pull something off, one way or another, and I'm edging close to just aiming for Cloud PC(VR) methods), but should I find something that works, I'm DEFINITELY coming back here.
  2. This user diagnosed "fix" is basically not giving males butt physics. They want the butt physics, so turning them off is counter-intuitive. To fix that, they have to compromise, and overall in short, there's no real fix right now that doesn't basically mean "No male butt physics", and while some, probably most in an unfortunate sense, would be fine with that? There's an audience here that's all for it. (Also, I get this post might come across rudely and or any synonym of that, and I don't intend for it to come off that way, it's just not a fix is all I'm explaining in case anyone e
  3. Saw it too. I just had a random feeling to check it yesterday myself and saw it. It's something they're dead set on doing. I still think that they're relatively relaxed a little since the main part they wanted to work on is what they can put all their attention to now, now that the physics part is being done in real-time by someone else unlike the baked in physics they originally had planned (still assuming I followed everything correctly.)
  4. It seems like the parts of the mod that handle the body physics and everything we'd seen, rather than them continuing all of that (and struggling to make them work with the bone limit provided by the game) and baking them into each and every animation manually, they've decided to drop that part of their mod due to the arrival of another mod that's taking the effort to provide real-time physics in the game, where we can already see functional breasts and ass physics. They have already said they have plans to add more and expand this mod, which in and of itself is evident by the mod still being
  5. This is literally PHENOMENAL. Thank you SO very much!
  6. If I had to guess, it was probably from an older build, and the inner-workings of the mod changed things, so now it works/functions different?
  7. Although I agree, and get that this mod is still pretty in the early WiP stages, I'm STILL astonished at how it hasn't caught on more yet.
  8. I'm still shocked at how this has been continuing to fly under the radar. You would REALLY think this would get more attention by now. (Even if still WiP. 🤔) The thread is a hot topic, and yet it still feels heavily underrated and unknown.
  9. MEGA HYPE! (And ultra hopes for the best!) 😁
  10. More than anything, I HIGHLY thank you for this warning and consideration for squeamish folk like me. (For my whole shtick, it's LITERALLY when they EXPLODE into a bunch of long and stretchy vertices(?)/exploded geometry tearing, etc that fucks with me, and I wish I could say why, it's pretty silly in the first place.)
  11. Is there a difference between this one and the last one? A changelog if you will?
  12. I tried it out for a bit myself, and while it was personally exciting to see both breast and butt physics active, with every stutter my game had just in CAS alone, like switching menus and what not, the physics would randomly shake and jitter, and this happened within the short duration of it being open for like a whole 1-3 minutes before a part of the sims face started to bug out. My squeamish self didn't like that, alt+tabbed out and back in to see the jaw/mouth hanging downwards a bit "sharp-like" and noped off the game. I have an unnatural enjoyment for physics on characters (while brea
  13. I must've overlooked that, but either way, this bodes well for the future of animated physics in Sims 4 content. 😁
  14. I'm both shocked and happy to hear the news.. But p h e w did that screenshot give me a jump.. Model/geometry tearing legit visually fucks me up some reason.. 😰 EDIT: This might be thinking too far ahead, or too much in general but, someone mentioned physics for genitalia (i.e HDT for Skyrim, etc along those lines), could hair be possible too?
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