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  1. 5 hours ago, NisaK said:


    The mod survived the game update today!!!! It shouldn't need a special hotpatch for it!!!

    Whose this person spreading this propaganda! The mod definitely needs a hotpatch, look at these LEs!!!


    4 hours ago, Truth_till_end said:

    Nisas_Last_Exception.txt 2.93 kB · 4 downloads

    Got this after the patch, am I doing smth wrong?


    2 hours ago, bcrugburn said:

    I get the same error that Truth_till_end gets

    Ver LL.3.0b at Time: 04/27/21 12:44:21 on Windows with WW v165.7 and Basemental 7.13.137 on
     Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_3_0b\NisaK\utilities\hazard_detector.py", line 72, in wrapper
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_3_0b\NisaK\wickedpervs\house_slave\doll_house.py", line 409, in really_buy_slaves
      File "E:\\Python3_7_0\\version_vault\\LL\LL_3_0b\NisaK\utilities\dialog\main.py", line 296, in __init__
      File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\ui\ui_dialog.py", line 618, in show_dialog
      File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\ui\ui_dialog.py", line 400, in show_dialog
      File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\ui\ui_dialog_service.py", line 78, in dialog_show
      File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\ui\ui_dialog.py", line 369, in has_responses
      File "T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\ui\ui_dialog.py", line 854, in responses
    AttributeError: 'NisaSimPicker' object has no attribute 'audio_ok'


    And now it has a hotpach! Thanks guys!

  2. 21 hours ago, masterbedroom666@gmail.com said:

    Hello! Thanks so much for this mod. For some reason my female sim who has the trophy wife goal, is having issues recognizing marriage and keeps having a negative "sex before marriage" moodlet. And she just got married! Does anyone else have this issue. And Nisa if you see this do you have any advice?

    Getting married is the last stage  of the aspiration, it tests for the getting married event and not for a marriage status in order to complete. So if you get married before the aspiration tells you too and have sex then you will get the negative moodlet. 

    Use the debug menu in the settings menu (for my mod) to reset your sims virginity. 


    On 4/15/2021 at 1:54 PM, vodkacinno said:

    hello nisa, i enjoyed the mod so much now that we have prostitution and it keeps improving...


    i'd like to ask if it's possible if we can have an option so that male solicitors will always solicite female, and female will always solicite male? right now gender doesn't seems matter...


    also, if i can give a suggestion, maybe we can add gangbang to the list, so our prostitute can get gangbang, perhaps something to the dialogue like "you can bring a friend" or something, "you can bring a male friend" or "female friend" something like that...


    right now if i want to get gangbang i have to cancel the action then solicite anothe sim, then use "make a move"...


    thank you :)

    It does seem like base game sims are all without any gender preference. Try enable testingcheats and then shift clicking on your sim, going to WP extras, and setting their gender preference! It should help out quite a bit!

    Orgy events will be coming :) 

    On 4/15/2021 at 4:38 AM, Rocket211 said:

    I was wondering if Servo's could be added to the prostitution system now that they are compatible with WW. There is also this mod that makes servos "androids" and it would be fun to have a sex bot harem for a devious scientist who needs to pay some bills. 

    I'll look into them, thank you for reminding me! 

    On 4/15/2021 at 4:34 AM, Huli Jing Ari said:

    For some reason each mermaid that transforms appears like this, I have tried to do 50/50 and it seems that it is the mod of nisa wp -.- "I don't know what causes them to look like this, any ideas? Help pls


    Kidding, this is usually a bug with another cc part. Typically a default override that's out of date. When the game can't find the default cas part it expects to see, it for some reason strongly favors other CC as a replacement. 

    On 4/10/2021 at 12:10 AM, Wynter1975 said:

    Hi Nisa, I took all my mods out, and tested again with just WW, WP, and BM. Ran into the same thing again but they did get the buffs this time.  I tested again took out any doublebeds in the house, and didn't have any issues they were able to stop without my stopping them.

    Doublebeds were the culprit?????? Like two small beds put together, a big beg, or bunk beds? Do you have a picture of a particular vanilla bed that causes this which I could use for testing?


    On 4/12/2021 at 2:10 PM, ThisGhost said:

    Ah, gotcha. That does pose limitations. I didn't realize you were using Turbo's system for that. (Yep, I've seen it under the covers, it just doesn't have such a dramatic effect in vanilla WW.)


    The bald succubus problem is still happening for me. It only occurs on load and persists until she changes outfits. A number of times I've checked, she's had a special/situation outfit on, but I can't say that's always true. It's just a cosmetic issue, just letting you know it is still present.


    I have a new one too... several times I've had a sim - mine or townie - start filling up their action queue with attempts to talk to my succubus. At the same time, WP starts posting the notification "[Sim Name] no queue fucker" every few seconds. I'm not able to stop this without at least leaving the current lot. Any hints what's happening?


    Special outfits use a an outfit generator for their creation so, for example, a career outfit will have mix of your sims default cas parts and then the cas parts from the career outfit (like a suit and tie for instance). I could see them going wrong on succubi until outfit change and this resulting in the temporary baldness you are experiencing if you make the hair on your GOO bald..... 

    I'll have to do some more digging myself but if this is infact what's happening then I may have to remove hair support from the GOO. 

    SOMEONE FINALLY GOT THE NO QUEUE NOTIFICATION!!!!! I was beginning to think it would never trigger, thank you! A fix will be in the next update!

    On 4/13/2021 at 8:47 AM, plea.sure said:

    I have the newest version of wicked perversions but the aspiration and the traits won"t show up anymore, i tried using the older one but it doesn't work either, what can i do?


    Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly.  Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder.   This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not.  Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest public/free versions are fine too) and if you are getting any Last Exception files (called LEs for short) then please send them my way.

    On 4/11/2021 at 5:46 PM, BigDaddyLongPop said:

    I think it has something to do with the sensually tight trait, I took it off my sims and the LEs stopped, maybe I have a CC trait that's conflicting with it?

    Screenshot 2021-04-11 184522.png

    This is a strange LE, it's saying the cas part data for a sim can't be retrieved for some reason. Were you only getting a Nisa LE, or some other LE too? If you are getting anymore types of LEs with this then please send them my way. It may provide better context to how a sim can having missing cas data! 

  3. On 4/7/2021 at 2:10 AM, Luci144 said:

    Du coup j'ai trouver les fichier résiduelle de l'ancienne version. je l'es supprimer et en effet il fonctionne tres bien.. merci de votre assistance. et passer une bonne journée  

    French Google Translate: Je t'en prie!!
    English: Your Welcome!

    On 4/8/2021 at 12:30 AM, 5221garand said:

    heyy with this mod can we have a pimp? because its said that i need help for prostuate 

    It's something I want to add :D


    On 4/8/2021 at 1:35 AM, GirafficPark said:



    ok - more testing. i yoinked SOL and my other script mods - still got the same error. i have TwistedMexi's mods - but those are predominantly build-mode, so shouldn't be causing any problems.


    lemme know if you want me to poke/test anything else.

    Well drats. Thank you for testing it out. You could try with a minimal install (WW, BMD, WP) as a none script mod could cause this error too. Another idea is that your game data may have become corrupted and you need to do a game repair. But in either case, I patched the code in my dev version for this issue so it'll be fixed in the next hotfix or content update! 


    21 hours ago, AulewV said:

    I recently used the nail polish, and oh boy it was a mistake. I managed to remove all of the traits except for this one called "Guilty Pleasure" Has anyone removed this buff/trait from their sims? 

    Oh gosh, it sounds like i'm going to need to test nail polish!!! To remove guilty pleasure you'll need to remove the transformed hidden trait aswell. Is an old one, here you go: NisaK:Trait_TranNailPolish the name can be used with the console command to remove it. MCC should have a way to go about it too. 


    20 hours ago, BigDaddyLongPop said:

    So I'm guessing you guys never found the problem. Does that mean we have to wait till she comes out with a update or sum cuz these LEs driving me crazy but i use the traits

    Which problem are you experiencing? I can't find any LEs from you and if I can't see the LEs and I'm not having/reproducing the bug then the chance of me fixing whatever is ailing your game is quite low. I look forward to seeing your LEs!!!

  4. 19 hours ago, Luci144 said:

    Bonjour tout le monde voici la liste de bug que j'ai.. alors je veux interagir avec le systeme Doll pour transformer un Sims en esclave ou le vendre et j'ai un message d'erreur comme se lui la j'ai juste copier se qui concerne Nisa’s Wicked Perversions   donc le voici NisaK_Wicked_Perversions.packageShow Tuning


    Invalid Tuning
    NisaK:Sim_visiting_farm | Variant is set to a type that does not exist: rabbit_hole in Instance: 9948062433995760061 (NisaK:Sim_visiting_farm), Types.INTERACTION.
    NisaK:Inter_Farm_To_Slavery | Variant is set to a type that does not exist: rabbit_hole in Instance: 1093220022677960875 (NisaK:Inter_Farm_To_Slavery), Types.INTERACTION.
    NisaK:rabbithole_farm_tuneup | Variant is set to a type that does not exist: rabbit_hole in Instance: 672997503046538072 (NisaK:rabbithole_farm_tuneup), Types.INTERACTION.
    NisaK:rabbithole_visit_farm_no_rp | Variant is set to a type that does not exist: rabbit_hole in Instance: 17478871306003124373 (NisaK:rabbithole_visit_farm_no_rp), Types.INTERACTION.
    NisaK:rabbit_lil_secrets_pierce_clit | Variant is set to a type that does not exist: rabbit_hole in Instance: 5659927016970332133 (NisaK:rabbit_lil_secrets_pierce_clit), Types.INTERACTION.
    NisaK:Goal_MakeSimsFlirty_escort | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for _goal_test in Instance: 10407884813766078298 (NisaK:Goal_MakeSimsFlirty_escort), Types.SITUATION_GOAL. Expected 'V', got 'T'
    NisaK:goal_drink_with_client | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for _goal_test in Instance: 17222825487199770136 (NisaK:goal_drink_with_client), Types.SITUATION_GOAL. Expected 'V', got 'T'
    NisaK:goal_escort_dance | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for _goal_test in Instance: 16715055397972852591 (NisaK:goal_escort_dance), Types.SITUATION_GOAL. Expected 'V', got 'T'

    NisaK:chill_with_client | Incorrectly matched tuning types found in tuning for _goal_test in Instance: 17848597931029352854 (NisaK:chill_with_client), Types.SITUATION_GOAL. Expected 'V', got 'T' 


    le voici vous auriez une idée merci d'avance. et a bientot   

    These are errors from an old version of my mod. Be sure you don't have duplicates of my mod installed. I bet you have an old bit of tuning overriding tuning from a newer version!

  5. On 4/4/2021 at 9:32 AM, ThisGhost said:

    All true, though of course we don't want the sex to dominate to the point of excluding all other game play. In my experience so far, purely anecdotal and by no means conclusive, desire gain seems very inconsistent. At times I can see her desire growing by the second, and at other times it seems on par with other needs. I don't really notice any major difference in moods or situations since this particular household (ok, most of my households) stays pretty flirty and sexed-up. My personal opinion - and you know what they say about those - is that the max gain rate is a bit too punishing. Capping it might help.


    Regarding the desire gain while off lot (where's that "masturbate furiously" away action, darn it!) it appears I panicked a bit. Sometimes her desire will hover near max but doesn't actually seem to be gaining, at least not visibly, when she's left behind. I have noticed that it will also occasionally drop, and usually drops when I get back to the home lot where she is. That's all OK. I was just worried about her going sex-crazed and losing skills when I wasn't around to do anything about it.


    And the bald thing - I saw it multiple times but I couldn't tell you now what outfits they were, but I can't reproduce it now either. It's behaving again. It was just a harmless temporary effect, so no biggie either way. Perhaps she had to visit Hell while I wasn't playing and thought she'd be cooler if she shaved her head. *shrugs*

    I understand what you are saying. I don't have complete control over the arousal system because I wanted it to integrate into WW's desire system (all sims actually have a desire motive in game, it's just hidden). Ideally, I think it would be best if the rate of gain could be controlled dynamically (as opposed to the desire level being controlled dynamically as it is right now. The difference is nuanced). With the current system in the game there isn't a way to do this efficiently at the moment (motives/statistics aren't actually calculated in real time during gameplay that's an illusion, rather they are calculated in sometimes stochastic intervals depending on game performance, this creates some limitations too).

    For now, I do have desire increasing at a decreasing, but otherwise static rate as it gets higher. I might be able to find a way to make this rate dynamic and situational based. It will still be hard to hit a sweet spot for all players but may be more natural.... Especially if I could find a way to represent the rate of desire gain in the UI. There's a few ways this could be done. I will probably circle around to tweaking this some point in the future

    While I do have selectable masturbation away actions for careers while sims are away, I'll look into them for succ's when they are just off screen while you are playing a normal household member this should probably be there if it exists for normal motives.

    The weird drop you notice on load is probably because of what I mentioned above, motives aren't updated in real time for performance reasons so the game sometimes lags a bit to set them properly when the sim loads. Oh, also about the decreasing passive increasing desire rate as desire rises. The level just before sex crazed actually has a zero passive growth rate. So normally, there has to be a event to push them into sex crazedness which can be all sorts of things. (Seeing an attractive sim, flirting, etc). 

    On 4/4/2021 at 6:39 AM, Wynter1975 said:

    I tested it out, and I didn't get either of those buffs.

    They should be there when you start sex crazed sex to tell you how long you have to go before the sex crazed state is cured. If they are missing then something must be blocking them..... does your sim have the carefree reward trait maybe? 

    On 4/3/2021 at 7:50 PM, gothicasylum28 said:

    Hey Nisa, I saw that on your patreon you completed they succubus (Congrats! I'm trying to see if I can, at least for a month, splurg a little to support your patreon) and I was just curious if you fixed the clothing/body shape bug for the succubus. Idk if it happens for the girls, I know it's happening for my boy. Every time he unrestrains, he's in a different outfit, and not that one I picked for him in his reforge (Sometimes it is.) And when he's having woohoo, it changes the clothes. Anything but being nude. even if it's nude clothing you have on him to make it look like he isn't wearing clothes. So if I want him to have any kind of nakey woohoo, he's gotta be restrained, and his restrained form look like his unrestrained form just so it looks like he is woohooing unrestrained. I've honestly tried everything I could think of. And read up on everything here ( which is how I even figured out how to reforge him in the mirror to pick his clothing.) Also. May I just say, that I am so excited you were able to make a new occult. That gives me so much hope for all of you modders to creating other occult sims (like werewolves and zombies.... oi do I miss them so.) 


    Also, thank you for all of your hard work. Of all the mods, yours is mine and my fiancee's favorite to use. And the one we always recommend to our friends. Your hard work shows, and everything you guys do to keep things fun is so deeply appreciated.

    Thank you so much for your compliments gothicasylum!

    Are you sure you are setting your Genetic Occult Outfit correctly? Check out the community section of my main post, there's some wonderful youtube tutorials posted by isolis which should help you understand the GOO if you are having trouble. That would be my first thought. as for different body shapes between occult form and human form. That's not in the public version yet but will be soon with the next major content update!

    On 4/3/2021 at 12:52 PM, Gibgar said:

    I didn't put it together that this was the cause, but I also have a pierced sim whose tattoos periodically disappear. They comes back eventually, I think when changing outfits? They're fairly minor tattoos so I haven't been too bothered by it.

    Thank you, I have some ideas where to look now. 


    On 4/3/2021 at 6:23 AM, SailorPanda said:

    Does the succubus have spells or something? If there are, I don't know where to find them. All I can do is go into the succubus form. Also, what's the fill bar (or circle) on the top? What's it suppose to do?


    Sorry if anyone has answered these before.

    Please and Thank you!



    will be

    unknown (5).png

    coming :D

    unknown (6).png

    Muahahhahahahahhahaha (some wip screenshots, sorry for how crude they are. Not going to fully elaborate on what they all mean ;) but I have some special stuff coming power wise. I'm sorry for being a tease!) 


  6. On 3/31/2021 at 5:24 PM, ThisGhost said:

    I'm having a new issue with succubus desire. I think my previous issue with the out-of-control desire gain was due to using StormyWarrior8's seductive trait (updated by me) on my succubus - it made her constantly super-flirty which seems to boost desire gain. Anyway, now I'm off-lot with a different household sim, and yet my succubus is gaining desire and just about to max out. That's just not fair - she's not even on the active lot to deal with. I can switch back to her, yes, but that will interrupt the situation with my active sim.


    I have been watching this intentionally, and usually it seems that when I'm away from lot my succubus' desire stays minimal, but this time it looks like it's increasing.


    See below

    On 3/31/2021 at 5:51 PM, ThisGhost said:

    Aaaand one other weird, minor, succubus issue. I recently removed the hair from my succubus' GOO so that I could customize her hairstyle in outfits. Now if she's in unrestrained form when I launch the game, she spawns in bald, no matter what outfit she has equipped. (Come to think of it, I believe she usually spawns in naked as well, though that's not remarkable in my game!) Changing outfits fixes it immediately. Again, this is another minor glitch that doesn't affect anything functionally, but it might be worth looking into eventually.  I'm running 2.2.4d.

    Thank you for the feedback on desire. As long as a succubus doesn't go sex craze while off screen, there is a system built in which automatically handles desire and depravity while you are off playing another household. However these away actions have a stochastic element to them, which one runs depends on the desires of the sims while they are in the unplayed household. So, given enough time I'd expect Succubi to go sex crazed.

    Still, it may be too rough. I'm investigating further. Keep in mind that succubus desire is always growing. It's not like human desire which naturally fluctuates with hormones and environmental factors. This means that having your sex demon surrounded by sex will, understandably, make them want to do naughty things more. They are sex demons after all. I recommend lots and lots of masturbation :D 

    For the bald issue, I did some testing today and wasn't able to replicate it. You say when you come back your sim is initially bald. What outfit does she come back in? Maxis actually has a few bugs related to hair genetics in the base game so I'm toying with the idea of removing hair support from the succubi goo completely. Which I almost did initially but decided not to after some feedback. 

    On 3/31/2021 at 7:13 PM, Wynter1975 said:

    For sex crazed sex, because of the stamina of the succubus, sex won't auto end like it would with normal sex. However when you cancel sex, unless your succubus hasn't met their satisfaction threshold (which you can tell by the length of time left on a special buff) then sex will auto restart with a notification after being cancelled. 


    I have no idea as it goes on for 28 hrs or longer in sims hours.  They don't stop even when she's labour or when they have to go to school/ work. 

    I tried replicating this today and wasn't able to. Does your succ get the Ravenous Desire buff (the partner would get the Gone Primal Buff) if so what's the timeout on them? 

    On 4/1/2021 at 12:54 AM, GirafficPark said:

    full LE - same error as before. Sims will follow 'go here' commands, but they won't do other things like 'take bath' or 'shower' and the like.

    BE-ExceptionReport-20210401-005148.html 187.97 kB · 13 downloads

    Thank you for the LE!

    This is a strange one. You have the tuning that I'm trying to inject into but what I'm wanting to change can't be modified because it was removed. Do you have any more LEs? My guess would be that this is a conflict between my mod and another mod. Do you have any other jealousy related mods installed? 

    Specifically that modify the base game instance id's 76434, 76132, 125246, 125441, 129282, or 129459? I can think of a way to perhaps make it compatible but I'd like to know if I'm going to break whatever mod is conflicting with WP before I do so.

    On 4/1/2021 at 5:59 AM, Darkwolf101 said:

    I'm having issues with the debt system. Correct me if I'm wrong but could you not get a financial adviser if you were unable to 'pay' your debt several times?

    I'm just trying to play about with it but after 3-4 nights of being unable to pay (on purpose ofc) on the last night they just took 200 and called it good so now I'm confused...


    Also a little bug i've noticed about the debt paying. If your household is at absolutely 0 funds the mod wont attempt to make a payment, not even a 'unable to pay' it just skips the night.

    Sort of, It's the punishment after getting unlimited debt. If you don't have unlimited debt then your debt will increase or you will be switched over to unlimited after enough missed payments. Also, if the sim isn't in the current household then I mute notifications to cut down on notification spam. Lastly, keep in mind that debt is taken form the earnings you make everyday. If you don't earn any money through the day (that can be tied to your sim, check the tam tab on the phone for more info) then nothing will be collected at debt collection time. 


    On 4/1/2021 at 8:19 AM, zonqzonq32 said:

    Hi NisaK,

    Is there any chance, that in the near future you give the NPC prostitutes full autonomy? It works in strip clubs, but not anywhere else. Or should I ping TURBODRIVER for that?



    I'm not happy with prostitution at all and I'm planning a big overhaul in the future. 

    6 hours ago, TheNamesSnow said:

    What is the link for your discord Nisa? The research occult option isn't showing up for me 

    I'm sorry, currently the discord is a walled garden for my patrons and me. It isn't open to the public. 

  7. On 3/27/2021 at 3:22 PM, ThisGhost said:

    Hi @NisaK, it seems there's a teensy issue when exporting succubi to the library. There's nothing functionally broken, the individual sims just don't render quite right - what gets rendered is a weird amalgam of their restrained and unrestrained forms. (This is from 2.2.4d.)



    Lol this is fine. 

    I actually didn't have gallery support originally planned for succubi and given that the sim data exits on a server, I wasn't planning on adding support at all. Modifying that's stored on a server starts to move from the modding territory to a darker territory and I wasn't interested in going that direction. However, when releasing my true occult form system another patron tested it and it happened to work minus that weird gallery visual bug. To fix it, i'd probably need to edit UI code, but it's harmless and UI code is very difficult to modify so I'm content with how it functions for now. Especially when it works by the grace of the rest of the system working so well and not any official coded support :D

    On 3/28/2021 at 6:33 PM, BananaDew said:

    Nisa!!!! I love your mods! XD I literally just posted something about hoping someone could make succubus or Incubus occult life and then I saw this today. xD I even mentioned you in the post. XD You are so awesome! 

    I'm a big fan of sex demons! I'm glad I can help scratch your itch while also scratching my own!


    3 hours ago, tafimaus said:

    Hello :) I have a Question. I play the Trophy Wife Aspiration and I am confused. How can I archieve the mirror practice goal? If I click on a mirror, I can't find anything what helps me with this quest.

    WW should have an admire self interaction in the mirror under his naturalism category. Try that out!

    3 hours ago, sim99999 said:

    hey all, 


    tried searching this topic but can't find anything on this - any idea if the payment structure out to prostitutes and the property owner be modified at all? the paystubs are pretty weak. i feel like i'm not earning much at all for what i have to do and would like to adjust the percentage of funds each party gets ._. 


    hope i'm making sense! 


    edited to add: my girl's needs all stay completely full - they never get tired, need to use the bathroom, need sleep, nor are they hungry. guess it's a glitch? maybe a setting? not sure but it leaves me a little unchallenged. 

    Do you mean like on a strip club lot? In which case the split that goes to the club owner vs the prostitute/stripper is controlled by the WW stripper/club owner split setting. Otherwise my mod does have three preset pay levels for prostitution, a custom split that can be set for debt sims and more customization if you are willing to modify the mod's save data directly.  


    On 3/30/2021 at 2:25 PM, GirafficPark said:


    brand new game, new sim, new everything - still getting this same error:



    Please share all LEs in full! Screenshot doesn't have enough info for me!


    On 3/30/2021 at 4:15 PM, Wynter1975 said:

    It's still happening, but I've narrowed it down to the mood Sex Crazed that seems to be the only time it happens.

    For sex crazed sex, because of the stamina of the succubus, sex won't auto end like it would with normal sex. However when you cancel sex, unless your succubus hasn't met their satisfaction threshold (which you can tell by the length of time left on a special buff) then sex will auto restart with a notification after being cancelled. 

  8. I'm sorry about being so quiet recently. 

    I was laser focused on debugging and tweaking the new sex location finding code! :confounded: 

    But I think it should work a lot more how you'd expect now!


    On 3/24/2021 at 11:45 PM, Gaymr said:

    Nisa, I've recently downloaded the WP mod, and am generally enjoying it a great deal. I've run across a couple of issues, one of which I'm pretty sure is a bug, and the other may just be a feature I don't get.


    1. (Bug) When I click on my Succubus Sim (in Unrestrained form) and choose "change outfit", it doesn't show all of the different outfit choices; it shows the current outfit repeated in all the icon slots. I can still change into any outfit. I can figure out which is which by choosing the Everyday or Athletic or Party icon or whatever. But the menu grid of choices all show whatever the Succubus Sim is currently wearing (or naked if not wearing anything). In other words, in function I can change outfits and it works, but the menu choices are all wrong. It doesn't cause any crashes or gameplay issues, so far as I can tell. It's just awkward to figure out the right outfit choice when I can't see them. This only happens while in Unrestrained form. If my Succubus is in Restrained form, all of the correct outfit choices appear when I click on Change Outfit.


    2. (Maybe bug, maybe a feature I don't get.) After playing a Succubus Sim for a few game days, and slutting it up to mid-levels of Sexpertize and the Broken Libido Mind Broken aspiration, my Succubus Sim is covered with cum spatters. I'm guessing that is maybe intentional? There seems to be no way to get rid of it. Showering doesn't wash it off. Neither does "Freshen Up" in a mirror. I can't quite tell if this is supposed to be able to be cleaned off somehow and I just haven't figured it out, of if it's not working right, or if it cleans off later when I complete the end of the Mind Broken aspiration and get married, and I just haven't got that far, or what? Anyway, my Succubus is currently a sloppy mess. It's kind of funny but also kind of grates on my nerves. I want to clean it off, but can't figure out how, and I'm not sure if its a bug or a puzzle I haven't figured out.


    I am running the most recent versions of Sims 4, WW, and WP (both public versions) as of today's updates. I'm playing on a Mac. I'm playing without Basemental Drugs because I find it really triggering for me. I love the sluttiness of WP and the Succubus Occult form, but not the drug use aspects. WP seems to work just fine without BD, with the exception of having to cheat to complete the drug aspects of the Broken Mind aspiration. Not sure if that has anything to do with either of the above issues.

    The Patreon and the LL version of WP actually use a different system for applying true occult forms. The every outfit looking the same is a bug of the LL system that's mentioned in the mod description and will be fixed in the next LL content update. Months went into making occult forms work and I didn't want to make you guys wait longer than was absolutely needed before experiencing it. The LL version that's out now is the earliest stable build of the true occult form system. 

    The cum one is concerning. I have two ideas about this. WW is now using some code based on my Succubus code to apply certain cas effects, in particular cum. I remember when this was being added to WW, I spent a considerable amount of time recoding and thinking about parts of the Patreon occult form application system and working closely with TURBO so our two systems will remain compatible. It's not impossible that this bug may be something unique to the LL version and if so then it'll be fixed soon when the Patreon system comes to LL. 

    However, I also remember this being a WW bug in an earlier version of WW too. 🤔If so, and iirc, then it should still happen with generate outfit appearance modifiers. I think TURBO leaves the shoe one intact. So try making a new, rng human townie sim. Not a gallery import just a complete rando with vanilla traits and no succ succ status. Then have him him use the no shoes inside setting, go with the slippers one. Then lots of cum. All the cum. After sex switch to a normal outfit (sometimes sims stay in the special nude outfit after dressing up despite looking like they aren't) and see if the cum accumulation remains. 

  9. Quick drive by to let you guys know WP should be compatible with the latest WW and game update.

    I do want to release a patch sometime soon however to address some long time bugs with my sex location finding code, so that's what I'm focusing on at the moment. I'll get it out as soon as possible. 

    This upcoming patch should also fix the door fetish bug some are experiencing (their prostitutes preferring to have sex almost exclusively on doors). Sex code is complicated so bare with me while I carefully make the changes for my mod. 

  10. On 3/20/2021 at 5:52 AM, ImmortalPanda said:

    I'm having a problem. I have everything downloaded correctly and updated yet when I go into the game and click on the computer there is nothing for this mod at all. Not Lost Eden. I don't know what is wrong.

    Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly.  Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder.   This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not.  Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest public/free versions are fine too) and if you are getting any Last Exception files (called LEs for short) then please send them my way.


    On 3/20/2021 at 7:53 AM, amurr330x said:


    Not sure where or what setting they are on about to try that fix - but I have a bit more information and an unrelated question. 


    So I built a house meant to be an Ex-Green House (cause lol glass house) and having to do what I've been doing - I've found that there seems to be, for lack of a better term, a check down order of weird. 

    1. Doors
    2. Windows
    3. Mirrors
    4. (uncertain if Sink or mirror over sink)
    5. Closets
    6. Appears to be possibly floor

    That's as far down as I've gotten at the moment as I disable things and the 4 now succubus girls work. There are 5 pretty comfy double beds, a Sofa, and I want to say Azmodians bondage stuff, all completely ignored (besides also counters, tables and desks which so far - I think are actually going to be higher on the list than those). So I'm not sure what the deal is that apparently all the other stuff is more comfortable than a bed, or that they all have fetishes that start with doors, if no doors windows, then mirrors, down the list. It's getting kinda 'Happy Gilmore' with 'Why don't you want to go to a bed' as opposed to 'Why don't you wanna go home'. 


    As to the unrelated question - where did you get the leg/feet for the succubus you use in the images for the info post - much as I've toyed with elements of the furry mod and some mermaid related stuff I actually do want one with more that style of lower leg. 

    The door issue is still being looked into. As best as I can tell with more advanced testing with the animator, WP is picking locations with doors at the bottom of the location list. However, for some reason valid animations for the couples aren't being found on these other objects. It's very confusing why this is happening. I'll need to think of some more ways to poke WW's code to figure out why it's not approving the other locations.

    As for the CC I use, it's here, at the bottom of the post: 

    On 3/20/2021 at 12:39 PM, braville16 said:

    bonjour, mods nisa méchant puis méchant succubus bêta il n’y a français traduction ??


    Je ne connais aucune traduction mais quand je le ferai, je serai sûr de les lier dans la section traductions de mon mod! Garde un œil ouvert. Je suis actuellement en pourparlers avec plusieurs traducteurs.

    I don't know of any translations but when I do I will be sure to link them in the translations section for my mod! Keep an eye out. I'm in talks with several translators atm.

    On 3/20/2021 at 2:48 PM, Z0mBieP00Nani said:

    I thought I heard somewhere that succubi can turn others into new succubi, kind of like vampires. That's a form or reproduction.. I guess. It seems to me like Nisa is going to add in actual reproduction of some kind though.

    Personally, outside of the initial transformation quest, it's very unlikely that I'll add a way to 'convert' other sims into succubi. In my lore I see succubi as creatures from another realm inhabiting a mortal appearing body, but decidedly not mortal. I.e. a different race of being. Reproduction will definitely be added however!!!


    On 3/21/2021 at 11:38 AM, Jackael said:


    Hello Nisa, I know I've said previously that the error_log from MCCC no longer appear after the second prostitute client spawn on lot (from clicking "Addition Client" on the said prostitute) because I think updating WP and WW mods fixed it, well it's happening again. Previously I played on 1-sim household, now I got the error when playing a different household (8-sims household), I don't know if this'll help in any means but I haven't change the overall settings on WW, WP or MCCC from the last time this error_log appeared. 


    Oh, after the first notification appeared, I try to keep playing and find out something out of the ordinary within the pattern of this error_log creation to rule out some action that might caused it, but I've found none so, sorry!

    mc_cmd_center.log 8.28 kB · 1 download

    Woohoo! I just patched this before the weekend!

    Please redownload the mod to get the latest version which should address this error. Be sure your WW is up to date too!!!

    On 3/21/2021 at 6:29 PM, labomba2 said:

    I have questions

    Are there anyway for me to make prostitute working in another place as employers like when they are in stripclub?

    A sim who s prostitute working as stripper in strip club also have that tag on them. Will I be able to apply it to another place as well? 

    For now it's restricted to strip clubs.

    In the future there will be other things coming however. So keep an eye out.

    10 hours ago, Godzilla-Force said:

    Hello Nisa, would it be possible to create some kind of trait for your Wicked mermaids addon that either greatly extends the time for the Tail Motive to deplete, or nullifies it completely (like an Amphibious Adaptations Trait, basically these mermaids are more accustomed to land, and don't need to return to the sea constantly, and might not dry out as easily), I find it hard to play mermaids outside of Sulani, I want to create some mermaid households in Strangerville, and Mount Komorebi, but the tail motive constantly being applied just a day after the sim swims in the ocean, is a tad extreme for some playstyles.


    You can disable my WM modifications with the opitonal package if you don't like them. Personally, I think occults should bring some change in gameplay with them. Base game mermaids just feel too much like normal sims with swimsuits. They need some mechanic to force you to change the way you play, to make you look at situations in a different way and change your style of gameplay. You can have mermaids living in the snowy mountains but it won't be easy as that isn't there natural habitat. But there are several gameplay mechanics which can help you live that snowy mountain mermaid life style.

    Thermostats and fires will help your mermaid fight the cold and keep MIS from making them drunk, as for the tail time motive. It's not actually a swim motive. While you can swim with your mermaid in the snowy mountains thanks to their cold resistance, it may not be ideal. Instead I suggest taking frequent baths with the mermaids, not showers. Having their tail out will help full-fill that hidden motive. With these two things in mind, living in the desert should be pretty doable as long as you don't stand outside too much (the heat would dry out the scales), and living in the snowy mountains very doable at the risk of getting drunk a few times. 


  11. On 3/18/2021 at 7:48 AM, amurr330x said:

    I've been having this issue too, pain in the rear with some of the clubs I've tried to design to disable all the doors. Your inability to replicate it prompts me to ask a question regarding a theory I've had about it - I can't remember what it's called, and can't find it on their page (possible I keep missing it) but Kritical has or had an object in game that in build mode counts as a door, albeit I'm not 100% sure it's working correctly at the moment (I recently tried to use it but it did not have the holes  it should in the wall it was on - but the build had loads of issues and when I thought I was done because it was subterranean - something went wrong at the end and lowered and removed 90% of the ground and have to fix that) I think it's possible that because animations for it have worked on other doors perhaps if it recognizes the game has that object (even if not being used) that it perhaps raises doors on the preference list higher than they maybe should be. If you don't have it but people like me do - that may be why you can't replicate it.


    But that's just a theory I've had since the issue started, I don't know enough about how it all works to know if it has any merit. 


    On 3/18/2021 at 1:06 AM, thaclone said:

    well.... that is interesting. For me, it's the other way around.
    I always have it on "manual mode" (had before and is still activated), but whatever I do, they always auto start the activities :( and funny thing, they always use a door to auto start.
    No changes at all, no matter what I do. Even with anchor points set, they always use a door ...

    The door fetish is being looked at right now. I'm looking at it closely with an animator atm. I think we are getting closer to an answer to this bug. I still haven't been able to replicate it but i've been able to get more info from the animator who is. I think, contrary to intuition, it's not a location finding issue but a animiation test issue of some sort. We are getting closer. For now you guys can try what invisible recommends below and change the location preference settings. It doesn't fix the bug ofc, but at least it may help you play normally until a new solution is found. 

    14 hours ago, patreonjojo said:



    I've beeb trying to use your mod for a few months but everytime I add it to my mods folder, it crashes my game. Every new updates you've had, it has not been successful. I've followed every step to download the mod, but nothing. I use a Mac when I play sims so I was wondering if that is the case ? Please help because I've heard rave reviews of the mod but have been unsuccessful. 

    I'm sorry about the trouble. It should be compatible with mac. I suggest trying a minimal install with just WW, BMD and WP installed. Also check your The Sims 4/mods folder for any Last exceptions. If you are getting any please send them my way!!!!

    4 hours ago, invisible said:

    I think I finally solved the mystery of sex happening only at doors, you need to set the style again in the settings. What I did was click All and it will just pick a random location instead of only doors.

    Thank you for sharing your workaround!!! I'm still hunting that buggy though! It shall be found!

    1 hour ago, Dek Torv said:



    @NisaK I have to send a huge THANK YOU for this addition to your mod!  I particularly like the "life drain" aspect of it—this is exactly how I played my (role-play only) succubus in Sims 3, only I had to use a mod to adjust everyone's age afterward.  Having it happen automatically is awesome!


    I do have to report some weirdness, though:  In addition to the flaky sex location issues others have reported, my gal seems to never have other Sims accept her asking for sex.  Even if both relationship and romance bars are full, "the relationship is too weak."  Is this by design?

    Your most welcome! I'm glad i could bring succubi to the sims. 

    When my mod blocks sex, it gives a custom WW reason now informing you why. I do have succubus relationship code in the mod but it's only as a buff, not a debuff. That is, it doesn't block sex from happening but makes it more likely to happen if the sim is under the influence of pheromones or aphrodisiacs. IT sound like it may be a WW thing. Sex tests are expensive and I know TURBO caches results, maybe reloading the lot after setting max relationship will update the WW cache? Just a thought. 


  12. On 3/15/2021 at 4:50 PM, fred200 said:

    Not sure how to manage the Drain attributes.

    I don't really want my cute little succubi draining her housemates and aging them to death, who are age locked at the moment.

    I have been sending her to the strip club for free range snacks.

    Any suggestions?

    If you mark your sim to not age (which can be easily achieved with a mod such as MCC, then their life won't be drained, for now. But long term, I agree with you. The succubi in their current form and until powers are added, will be what I consider to be 'base succubi' the lowest level of a full succubus. In the future I will definitely be adding ways that you can protect the life force of certain partners!!!


    Getting a true occult form system was just such a technical challenging and time consuming thing that I didn't have a bunch of time to focus on other features besides the basics (of which there are still more needing to be added).

    On 3/15/2021 at 7:24 PM, SilverMnfru18 said:

    So, is there anyway to make WW optional for this to work? Turbo has started to put malware into his mod that crashes other mods that he doesn't approve of. I'd like to get rid of it, but I want to keep using WP :'( 

    I just responded to a message like this minus the 'malware' fake news that's going around. 

    I have no real interest in devoting the ungodly hours it would need to make a sex framework from scratch for the sims 4 when WW works so well already. Instead i'd like to focus on my more niche interests, like succubi and so forth. Having WW as a requirement allows me to do this at the expense of my mod requiring frequent patches for the latest versions of WW. 


    For the malware drama, it's a false narrative. The base game has no malware warnings. It sounds like some tactic meant to manipulate you by not giving you the full story and trying to 'play the victim.' I think kiddie modders may be sweating a bit after Maxis released a statement saying they'd ban them when caught and now they are scared of above board mods starting to actively fight against such kiddie mods in order to protect the community. I wouldn't pay much attention to it. Only one side is even trying to spread a narrative right now. 


    On 3/16/2021 at 12:07 AM, kimiwonton said:

    I'm not quite sure what's happening and dunno if it's only me.
    I used to be able to auto start activities with cilents without issue last I played (Jan). I updated everything today and no matter what or where, the auto  service always fails. Am I missing something new?

    I hear this happening for a few people. I suggest playing around with your WP (not WW, at least at first) location preference settings and to try to make use of anchors and slutting objects! 

    On 3/16/2021 at 1:43 PM, Jackael said:

    Hello, can anyone help me with this little matter? 

    So I have a prostitute sim, and she live in Call Center lot so clients would just call her. I know there's this button called "Accept additional client" right? So when my sim got called and accept it, and once the initial client arrived i can click the "Accept addit.. Etc" button, but MC Command Center sent a notification regarding "Error Log" whenever the second client or so on spawned. I have no clue what caused it, maybe because I tinker with some MCCC settings?

    You have an error in your The sims 4 folder! Please send it our way!


    55 minutes ago, Gerry100 said:

    And I'm gonna fill out my posts above with a picture that you understand what things I mean. So She has a horn and that leg thingy. will these be available ( I never know this word to write down dunno if I got it right now xD) or not. I mean will it be in the free version or the patreon version(paid version) only?


    The way succubi are represented varies across people and media. That's why getting a true occult form system working for succubi was so important to me and I spent so much development time on it. By default, I just include the demonic eyes to differentiate the occult form from the human form. It's up to you to reforge the occult form to look however you please.

    For my occult form, I use WW's custom skintones: https://turbodriver.itch.io/wickedwhims-extra-skintones
    The mini_giles hooves are here:

    The face details and horns are from pyxis https://pyxiidis.tumblr.com/post/129428280796/holy-branches-a-default-skin-by-pyxis-finally


  13. On 3/12/2021 at 5:20 AM, FireSplitter said:

    I have noticed a strange behavior, when receiving calls, the location for sex is always the same using private settings. It seems it always plays at the bathroom door, using same animations. Changing the auto setting to other, comfort for example, changes the location to always happen at another place. (wall for my case) Does everyone want the same thing now? :D 

    There are some reports that doors, for some strange reason, are massively preferred sex locations in some games. I haven't been able to replicate this yet in my game but it's being looked into.


    On 3/12/2021 at 9:00 AM, lovinglylewd said:

    Succubi are finally here! I'm so excited to try them out, thank you so much for your hard work Nisa! I do have a potentially stupid question though - When a succubus becomes sex craved enough to flirt with other sims and ask them for sex, will this ignore WW's faithfulness settings? Will they prioritize asking a romantic partner? Same goes for people autonomously trying to flirt with the succubus in question - will the succubus turn them down based on faithfulness? I want to try a bunch of different scenarios and figured I'd ask before trying to make something work that the system isn't intended for. I feel like having a succubus with one partner that they're constantly begging for sex would be a lot of fun, especially with that lewd dream mechanic...


    No problem! Glad my CC hoarding came in handy. 🥰

    Thank you for being around for the first release of Succubi!!!

    Yes, the idea behind sex crazed is that succubi become so sex starved that they sleep essentially with anything on two legs. It's a super horny state where logic takes a back seat to everything that's not lewd. Essentially they become a sex fiend. So they won't care that they are married to Bob, Ron is here now and Ron has a cock too. Basically the same thing as sleeping with Bob, they both have cocks, what's the difference? 

    lol so in summary yes, it should ignore the faithfulness settings for now. I do have some dreams to overhaul how succubi relationships work. A typical girlfriend/boyfriend setup doesn't really feel right for a sex demon. I'd love if i could implement some sort of contract system for succubi which replaces the typical human dating ritual in exchange for exclusive dating rights and some other potential side effects.

    Something I'm definitely thinking about as succubi become more developed!!! 

    On 3/12/2021 at 10:04 PM, weredeer said:

    I haven't even tried this yet but i have been ready for years.



    I'm excited too, I'm so happy I have the chance to bring succubi to the sims! I hope you are able to make the succubi of your dreams in the game now!!!


    On 3/13/2021 at 8:07 AM, knivesjta said:

    Question: Does a succubus gets pregnant?


    On 3/13/2021 at 11:42 AM, snowdog04 said:

    I'd like to get confirmation from Nisa or someone else who knows for sure, but...  I don't think so.  Because my succubus doesn't even get the WW popup saying she could be.  And that comes up when there's even a very slim chance- 10% pregnancy chance, and using both the pill and a condom, the odds would be less than 1 in 2,000, the popup comes up.  So if there's no popup at all, one or both sims involved must be infertile.

    This is correct, Succubi shouldn't get pregnant. Part 2 will focus more around succubus reproduction. Since sex is both a 'food' source for succubi and succubi is so nsfw reproduction needs to work differently for them than it does for a normal sim. For example, succubi offspring need to be born into the minimal consenting age in game.

    Life would be a bit scary if your hamburgers could impregnate you 😛


    That being said, i'm also looking into ways of introducing "succ friendly food" to the game. 

    Do I even have to say it? You already know don't you:




    On 3/14/2021 at 11:40 AM, Vargrivi the Wild said:

    is there a mod like this for sims 3?


    (Also my male sim is being called a succubi, instead of an incubi. Is this a bug?)

    This is correct. I hope to add a incubi variant to the game eventually too but for now you can have male succubi. My main reason for wanting two variants isn't in the game yet, that is I view their reproduction working very differently than human reproduction, but it's also for limitations with flavor text too. 


    On 3/14/2021 at 1:36 PM, Z0mBieP00Nani said:

    What kind of powers are we going to get as this mod progresses I wonder.. The ability to fly? Fitness clothing designed to capture succubus sweat that can then be wrung out and collected and then filtered and sold as a powerful and expensive aphrodisiac perfume on the Tam Explorer? The power to turn other sims into lust driven mind controlled thralls or "cattle" might be a fun power to add too (maybe for someone role playing an evil sim and who is into the whole mind control thing), I also though it might be interesting for succubus to be able to give life force to a lover instead of taking it, basically allowing them to prolong that sim's life span at the expense of stealing it from another sim.. I dunno, I thought I would at least share those ideas.


    Also I wouldn't mind if copulation filled the tired and hungry bars, but maybe none of this is the direction you were intending to take the mod in.

    We are on the same page on most of these things. ESPECIALLY with the thralls. Succubi should be able to build a small cult of horny followers. I'd also like to experiment with sex addiction through succubi too. 


    11 hours ago, Majacake said:

    Hey :D


    I have downloaded your new update Version LL.3.0 Succubi


    when I started playing the game,i saw 5 sim that the game always make random every time a person playing, I saw red sim Mannequin skin XD I was like emmmm I have never downloaded a cc that gives a Mannequin look, so I have a program it call sims tray importer, it a program that will show all your cc or mods on your sim and the program told me it's yours cc/mods =

    Nisa  K._ymHead_EP01Mannequin_Realistic_Red_202004081916579427


    I have no problem with that, but I will wish you could choose to have that look in your game thank you: D



    This mannequin bug I've seen pop up for someone else before.

    It's really scary! I haven't been able to replicate it yet and have poked around at support staff for help with the issue. It seems that someone who had this bug had bad cc which was causing it. This was their solution:

    "Hey guys. I found out. The batch fix break one of my skin default. Therefor the game have no available skin toon to choice when generate sims. So the game decide to give me a  mannequin instead. So to fix it I just re download the skin default file and replace it."

    So perhaps do some testing with a minimal install and new sims. 


    2 hours ago, vonvvv said:

    everything works fine, but the option "tam explorer" doesn't appear

    ughhh i'm about to cry i don't know what i'm doing wrong somebody help this hoe

    Hey, this typically happens when the mod is installed incorrectly.  Please carefully re-read the installation instructions, paying special care to how deep you place my files in your mod folder. Script mods can't be further than 1 subfolder deep from the root (Mods) folder.   This means 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is okay but 'Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods / Some Folder / NisasWickedPerversions / files go here` is not.  Also make sure you have the latest version of WW and Basemental drugs installed (the latest public/free versions are fine too) and if you are getting any Last Exception files (called LEs for short) then please send them my way.

  14. Status update before i head off to hunt nourishment!

    I've finally been able to begin doing the mod description overhaul in earnest! There are still some bugs but so far I've been able to work around them. I fully suspect to have Wicked Succubi out before I log off today and I'll tell you if there is anything which pops up preventing me to do so. 

    In the meantime, check out the new mod description (it's very WIP, as parts are deleted and converted over to a new format, or rewritten), most importantly, the link for the Wicked Succubi description is now in the post!!!

  15. Small status update. I'm unsure if the bug will be resolved but I believe I'm around the corner from getting the permissions I need to work around this bug and upload a new version to LL. 

    Hopefully not much longer. Thank you for your patience!!!! 

  16. 59 minutes ago, yoonminseokgirl said:

    Hello ! I saw in the mod a thing that is called "REGISTER AS KIWANO" when you go on Open Tam Explorer and Browse Lost Eden, but i dont know what is it, can someone help me please ? (sorry if my english is bad im french)

    It's a cute term for prostitute :D I was trying to be overly clever when i made the mod, having some fun 😅

    I'm sorry for the confusion! 

  17. Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions! I want to let you know that I'm still in talks with the LL team and I think we are close to finding a workaround. I'll be releasing it asap.

    To be clear it's a site bug. So it's not the size of my mod but something to do with my mod's download page specifically which doesn't allow me to fully edit the download. So when I try to edit it, it will usually block me from editing it fully or sometimes only edit it partially (as you can see right now). This upcoming update is a really serious one. It's the first true cc occult in any sims game. It needs easily accessible instructions to both understand the systems and to warn against ways it can be misused, particularly with cheats, to break save games. People provide support for my mod in multiple places, and I wish mitigate the increased level of bug reports. Just releasing the mod through a third party download site (which i've done before and am willing to do again) won't solve the issue of a none-easily accessible manual. People are trained to check LL for mod descriptions. It's just the way it is. 

  18. 10 minutes ago, mad bean said:

    btw on the main page it says 'updated 28 minutes ago' but i still only see the file from back in February..is it me?

    This is correct. There's a bug where I can't fully update the new description which is being looked into. Wicked Succubi is such a massive update that it requires a description rewrite. I'm not going to push it out blindly.

    So, I'm trying to find a solution to the site bug with the support staff at LL while considering other options for uploading a new version. Potentially even splitting the mod up earlier than expected into several mods so each feature can still get a description.

    I'm sorry again for the inconvenience. It's being looked into. 

  19. 13 minutes ago, mad bean said:

    as a fooooooormer (many many many maaaaaaaaany years ago) programmer...id say if possible keep all in one mod and just give the option to deactivate what we dont want...to me it seems easier to have just one file than several (that might need to update at different times that other files)

    In the end i would say do whatever feels easier to do..no need to complicate things

    Sadly may be necessary for the mod. 🥺

    But for patching and maintenance, it was definitely easier to keep it as one package.

  20. The mod may just be too big... 

    I can do small edits to the post but not large ones. It seems like it's finally time to split the mod up into several mods, but that will be a longer project and won't have things ready in a timely fashion. 

    Exploring other options for getting this update out. 

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