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  1. Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    Welcome my little perverts!!! Thank you for your interest in Wicked Perversions!!! Wicked Perversions is a massive mod, developed over years with many features which, for your convenience, has been split into 4 major categories: Wicked Prostitution, Wicked Mermaids, Wicked Succubi and finally Wicked WTF for everything else. Below you will find links to posts describing these categories in more detail. If you plan on engaging with a feature, then I highly recommend reading it's feature page first!
    As noted above, this page is currently under going renovations for the next month or so. Don't be surprised if this page updates frequently with small or large changes. In the meantime, the old description can be found mostly under the Wicked Prostitution section. This will be the last section that I update so don't be surprised if it has redundant information from the other sections. If you are new to the mod you should start by reading there. Unless your just here for that succ succ life, then you should start with the Wicked Succubi section and then the Wicked Prostitution section. Thank you for being around during this turbulent time! Rest assured the page will congeal soon!
    Features [Click an image/link for more information]:
    Wicked Prostitution [Old Description Temporary Home]
    Wicked Mermaids

    Wicked WTF
    Like what you see? You think you want to get in on that Wicked Pervert life style, well hold on there, you'll need a few things first for this journey buckaroo...
    Optional Requirements
    You don't need these for the mod to work, just to engage with certain features. This was also added well before WW added a pubic system. Despite TURBOs protest, I may be removing this system from my mod as I feel it is largely redundant now. I recommend using TURBOs pubic hair system instead.
    Installation Instructions
    You wouldn't install a mod without reading the instructions right? Surely such a monster only exists in our dreams...
    英語が話せませんか? ¿No puedes hablar ingles? Neumíš mluvit anglicky? Non parli inglese? את/ה לא יכול/ה לדבר אנגלית?
    How to Report Problems
    As with all mod authors, I'm sure my mod is a good boi who dindu nuffin wrong. It definitely 100 percent works for reals, but in case it's working less good than it should be working...
    Perverts in the Community
    Because perversions are better when shared!

    Special Thanks
    We are all in this together. Nothing is truly done alone. There those that inspire, those that teach, and those help hold us together. So a special thanks, in alphabetical order to those whove inspired or helped me along the way...
    Devotion, and a Very Special Thanks to My Patrons
    It's cliché only because it's true
    If you like my work, consider supporting me on Patreon, but if you are here for the ride then that's totally cool too! 




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