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  1. Hi NisaK.


    I find myself in need of assistance.  I have studied your tutorial on tweaking your body details auto applicator.  I believe I understand the concept although my application may require trial and error.  That realization made me think to check here before doing anything that makes a mess of who knows what.  As your tutorial is over a year old and I see recent posts that note such things as "vagina" are still not on the tweaking list, I went into S4S to see if your updated package and snippets had this and other new wild guy details included under a different name.  Well, as I did that concept caught up and then all was confirmed as a decimal listing of included details left me with no clue as to what was included or not.


    So, are any of the new and additional details included elsewhere?  I too love wild guy details and also the same body hairs by luumia so I need only to complete the list as it where.  Which ones do I need to add according to your tutorial procedure?  Do these then show up on the percentage selection list in game?


    I am willing to sell my body if someone were to offer an updated package file that would save me from making a mess of things but be advised that my body has become perversion prohibitive over the many years.  Maybe all the unlisted details are already included and I need not suffer rejection?


    Please advise.  My guess is that after EA messed up randomization of details that this aspect of NWP may gain in significance such that this may be asked about more frequently in the future.  Looking forward to any help you may provide. 

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