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  1. Both Bethesda games are pretty shallow in terms of romance. Fallout 4 especially when you consider what happens at the very beginning of the game. Kind of rude to go out and hook up so soon right after what happens, and honestly you should be concentrating on finding your... well, let's just say it's very hard to answer this question without spoilers. You get a few romance options and that's about it. Very limited. From what I can tell, it's 3 options from each gender. Skyrim, you have like half of the world to choose from, especially with mods. Once married, you have an orphanage
  2. ...huh? Since when did MO require Visual Studio? Well... that's what I did. 🤭 So far I am pleased and surprised to say I've had no odd problems, just the usual Bethesda problems... cuz Todd.
  3. He said: I think he's assuming he possibly failed to edit something himself. I installed this and it worked right away. I haven't seen a situation where the voices didn't work as intended.
  4. It's happened before. Also, I didn't think this game was gonna be 1st-person only... ಥ_ಥ
  5. I think cuz it's not a main game really. It's a spinoff with not much content. As for DOA, I have a steam chat group with a lot of active players. That game's not dead just yet. I also think people mod that so much cuz they've been modding DOA for years and are familiar with it. It's quarantine time though. Never has there been a more likely time for people to have modding time and the need for a hobby than right now. Every time I've made mods it was cuz I wanted to add a thing to my game or change something. I'd only upload something if I thought people w
  6. Are you sure? I see both Submit (X button) and Pacify (A button) when aiming a gun. I thought the vanilla game only had Pacify. Submit (from the mod) uses the Reload button and Pacify (from the Intimidate perk) uses the Interact button.
  7. That's what I'm using. I never got that error before. Question: Is it fine to just drag all the contents of each folder into one folder, zip it up and install it like that? Or is there some reason to be picky about what I use? I figure it's a fomod for a reason. Also, is The One Patch still needed at all for anything?
  8. Interesting. So I have BodyTalk2 installed, and am right now planning to switch to the EVB body for guys cuz BT2 is too bloated looking, but I saw an interesting post in that mod's Posts section stating that mod doesn't handle erections right for some (in not all) people, and someone linked directly to here. Is it viable to just use this fomod to install only the body? And is this a thing? 👆 If so where can I get a green super mutant wang texture?
  9. Yeah, I just looked at my profile and saw you visited it. Then I took a look at your name and came here to see if maybe you left a reply here, and you did. What do you mean "reupload"? Those downloads still work...
  10. Oops somehow I totally spaced on that enslaving chip part. I have the Lady Killer perk (mod swaps that for the Black Widow perk) maxed and I have the Intimidate perk maxed too. How exactly does that immersive enslaving "interfere" with the charisma perks? Is that why I see 2 options when I aim at them? Pacify and Submit? Does this mean something changes with the vanilla Pacify option? I've noticed I very rarely actually get anyone to submit to either option. Also, can the sneaking one be used after Violate gets them on their knees?
  11. I don't see how this matters after I have them in submit position. They are on their knees, and I click my hotkey for dialogue, and I see Submit Options, so I click that, and see no Enslave, and a couple others are missing too. I have Violate submitting them via damage, btw. I shoot them, then they get on their knees, but I see Submit Options when I use the MCG hotkey, so obviously at that point it recognizes they are in Submit status, so I should have all Submit options for sure. Why would I be missing Enslave?
  12. I noticed a Enslave option in pics but I've never seen that in my game. I seem to be missing a few options in MCG dialogue for Submit Options. How come? ... Also grottenolm - about slaves attacking Carla, just wanted to say it's not just slaves (as I don't have any). I have a raider added as a settler by AFT living in Sanctuary and she always attacks Carla on sight. When Trashcan fights back, it seems to be considered an aggression against friendly NPCs. That's about the time everyone else joins in and jumps her. Folks just don't much care for ol' Carla. 😏 Carl
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