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  1. We thank "Hat to WW" for your comments. Very big size is a trial made. If there are many high ratings, it will be continued in the next version. It is also possible to make it even larger than it is now. However, I understand that common sense size is more acceptable to more people. By changing the mesh in both "Swimsuit" and "Body" and selecting by key operation, the range of expression has expanded. It is possible to complete the mod with a personal hobby, but I think it will be helpful, so I would like to ask your opinion.
  2. Thank you for your comment. I would like to consider "CC" compatibility when this MOD is completed.
  3. "Daiquiri_V2.8" trial version Please cooperate with the survey. If you would like to cooperate, please click the link and write in the dedicated thread. Please do not write comments here, as it will bother other people.
  4. Please tell us your opinion about the change of Marie's body. What do you think about the size of your chest, waist, buttocks, and overall balance? Of course, we would love to hear your opinions regarding other matters. I don't think it's possible to make decisions based on images alone, so I'll upload a new version that I'm working on. Please write your frank opinions and requests. It may be reflected in the next version. It is a mod that needs to solve some problems, but I would like to improve it little by little. Daiquiri_V2.8.rar Please disable the old version. Change swimsuit type. Marie = C+5 Honoka = X+5 Other operations are the same as the previous version.
  5. I am only deforming the mesh shape of the original swimsuit, so I do not know in detail. I think it would be better to ask those who are making mods that swap swimwear.
  6. Daiquiri_V2.6_ini_update.rar It's a small update. Implemented "Marie" & "Honoka" type transparency. Transparency. Marie=C+6 Honoka=X+6 ----------How to update ---------- Copy all the files in the unzipped folder into "Swimwear" of "Daiquiri_V2.5". Press F10 to update. You can also download the updated "Daiquiri_V2.6" with "ModManager". Daiquiri_V2.5
  7. We have released a new version. Daiquiri_V2.5 Due to various reasons, the next update will be delayed.
  8. Since there is no setting for that resolution, It may be good to select 3840x2160 and output. I think it will be more beautiful than the enlarged display at 1920x1080. However, a certain level of PC performance is required.
  9. New version. Volleyball cushion_V2.1 We plan to update the "Daiquiri" MOD when we return.
  10. I think it is better to contact the person who has updated the base program by e-mail directly. However, it seems that most people including myself have recovered the functionality of MOD by updating the base program. I hope your MOD will regain its functionality.
  11. "3Dfix-README" says something like this. Keys (3D Vision + Costume Mod Users) ------------------------------------ - F1: Show help - F2: Toggle costume mods - Shift+F2: Cycle costume mod shadow modes (on/off/original) - Mouse back button: Toggle HUD visibility - Ctrl+F9: 3DMigoto performance monitor - F10: Reload all mods - Ctrl+Alt+F10: Reload all mods and reset to default configuration Keys (3D Vision Users Only) --------------------------- - F7: Full Screen - ~: Toggle auto-convergence feature on and off - Ctrl+F5: Reduce popout when auto-convergence is on - Ctrl+F6: Increase popout when auto-convergence is on
  12. Is that so. Unfortunately, I don't understand the reason why the hunting mode doesn't work even if you execute the above procedure while the MOD base program is V2.3. Please wait for the comment of the person who knows the solution.
  13. The reason why the hunting mode does not work after updating the MOD base program to V2.3 is that it has been returned to the default settings. To enable hunting mode, you need to edit the "d3dx.ini" file. Specifically, open the "d3dx.ini" file in Notepad, change the number in the red frame of the image from 0 to 2 and save. Then restart the game once for the changes to take effect.
  14. Update the MOD base program to V2.3. Disable or remove the old version of the "Volleyball cushion". At the same time, if there is a MOD for "Volleyball" created by another person, disable it. Place the unzipped "Volleyball cushion_V2.0" in the "Mods" folder. If the error is displayed in red, press F10 to update the mod. If the steps above don't fix the problem, we don't know the cause.
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