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  1. Thank you for using the "MOD" I made. I'm sorry, I'm a "MOD" creator and I don't make "video movies" using "MOD". In addition, there are no plans to produce "video movies" using "MOD" in the future. It seems that "MOD" and "Video Movie" have been deleted recently on "loverslab.com" and so on. This seems to be due to the arrest of the person who sold the DOA-related "nude video movie" on the "auction site". Please use "MOD" only in the game.
  2. Updating to "Orchid remake_V3.6" is in progress. It is a combination of "a little glamorous Honoka Body" and "huge boobs". I personally like it because I made the waist a little thinner and balanced it! If possible, we plan to add color variations for swimwear. At the same time, we are updating to "Tukushi Eyeglass Changer_V1.6". We plan to add eyeglass frame types and hairpin color variations. I wasn't particularly interested in girls with glasses before, but I think "Tukushi chan" is very good!
  3. Under rim type glasses. I often see it in anime. Tukushi Eyeglass Changer_V1.5 New update
  4. Under rim type glasses. I often see it in anime. Tukushi Eyeglass Changer_V1.5 New update
  5. Orchid remake_V3.4 New update! ---------- Update ---------- ------------ V3.4 ------------ Added a variation of "Honoka_Body". The swimsuit of "Honoka_Body" has been made into a "high polygon". Fixed a small bug in "Orchid remake_V3.3". The key operation was reviewed and changed. "A little glamorous Honoka_Body" wants to be adjusted, so please wait for a while. Orchid remake_V3.0  Now available for a limited time!
  6. A state in which it is functioning normally. A race condition. I would like to inform everyone who is using the MOD "Orchid remake" that I made. For example, if it conflicts with the MOD "Rotation_Vibration White Lace Nude v1.0.1", it will look like the image. Other "Motion series" mods also have MODs made for "Orchid", commonly known as "White Lace", and compete with each other. Please check if there is any conflict. The only way to resolve the conflict is to disable one of the "MODs". Only one "MOD" must be enabled for one type of swimwe
  7. Monica_Stocking_Ver.0.1.zip For "Monica" only This mod draws "tights" directly on the "skin texture", so it does not correspond to wearing panties. Think of it as all-nude only. To "Inokanoan" Thank you very much. "Pantyhose" and "tights" are easier to draw "layers" on "skin texture", so I made them when I started making mods. Since it takes time and effort, there are no plans to introduce it as a "mesh". It is possible to create with the "texture" method, but currently there are other mods that I would like to prioritize. It's a m
  8. High polygon + slightly glamorous body "Orchid remake_V3.4" update notice In the new version of "Orchid remake_V3.4", we plan to implement a "high polygon" swimsuit of "Honoka_Body". We are also planning to implement "Honoka_Body" which is a little "glamorous". If you like it, click "Like". Apart from the above, I have a question for those who are using "Orchid remake_V3.3". I'm thinking of abolishing the "pregnant body" in a swimsuit because the "panties" interfere with the "body" too much. Or there is a plan to abolish only panties.
  9. Reset is Ctrl + Alt + F10. This is my idea, but the mods I make are based on the assumption that they will be reset. In particular, MODs that implement "normal MAP" must be reset. In addition, the contradiction of "d3dx.in" caused by the creation or replacement of MOD can be reconstructed by resetting and the consistency can be maintained. On the contrary, the meaning of save (F10) is diminished, but I think that's fine. These are similar to the act of restarting a computer or smartphone.
  10. Please take a look at the image of "Bath towel_V3.0" as an example. "Bath towel_V3.0" has only "Body", "Bath towel (BT)", and "Panties", so I think it's relatively easy to edit. However, it is necessary to unify the settings for "Common_Body", "Honoka_Body", and "Marie_Body" for each type. It's probably easier to change the reset settings than to change the keystrokes. In case of trouble global persist $ Body global persist $ swimsuit global persist $ color global persist $ transparency Specify "0" for all the values of.
  11. You can restore it by resetting it. You can change the key by changing the "ini" file. However, when changing "Body" and "Swimsuit", it is necessary to set the same key. Color and transparency can be done by itself. In addition to changing the key, you can also change the setting to be read when resetting. Either way, you need to understand the meaning of the source code to some extent.
  12. I shared my thoughts on the same question before, but I've deleted the comment myself and will answer it again. First of all, I hate variation switches. Also, the "MOD" I produce has many variations compared to the general "MOD". Especially, I think there are a lot of color variations. I would like you to experience a new combination of variations unintentionally by operating the keys. I did my best to make many variations, so please enjoy it! For the above reasons, we will not introduce a variation switch. Postscript It's not a substitute for the
  13. Shadows ON The "MOD" of the swimsuit you are wearing is "Labyrinth_V3.1". It will be updated and published in the future. As many of you may know, I would like to explain about shadows. First of all, please see the diagonally lower left of the image. You can switch shadows by pressing Shift + F2 in this way. The problem with using mods is when you have selected Shadows Original. The shadow of the original swimsuit is displayed translucently. "Shadows OFF" has no problem in display, but all shadows are hidden, resulting in unsatisfactory
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