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  1. I have already completed the whole marrige thing for her. She refers to me as her husband and what not. But the game itself doesn't recognize it as such. Hell when i have a talk with inigo about how far I've come, i believe the dialogue option "how do you think im doing inigo?" I beleve is what it is. He will even point out I'm single. I can also marry other women in game with out having to kill her off. I was just hoping their was a cheat mod or an exploit I could use to have the game recognize her as a spouce.
  2. I'm trying to use Spouses Enhanced. but the game doesn't recognize Sofia (Sofia - the Funny Fully Voiced Follower) as a Spouse. How would i go about forcing Skyrim to recognize her as a spouse. I have tried the cheat room mod and i cant quite seem to get that to work. neither does console commands. Is it even possible to force Skyrim to recognize a custom follower as a spouse? if someone could help id greatly appreciate it. here is a link to the mod i'm referring to if it helps. also sorry if this post looks like crap. Not new here, but its my first time asking for help.
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