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  1. as mentioned i have little idea what i'm doing, but i followed the instructions and i've tried a few different things with no results
  2. so i'm fairly new to modding the sims so i may be missing something, but whe i equip one of the devices that exposes breasts they just turn into lumpy featureless mounds, but when i have the breasts exposed they do have nipples/other textures, do i need a specific mesh or am i doing something wrong?
  3. those are on there, didn't show up in the list for some reason. but race menu and bodyslide/outfit studio are part of the "always grab" mods i have, either way the precache killer fixed the problem pretty much instantly, thanks for the help
  4. EDIT: fixed, this should helpy anyone having similar issues https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526 Greetings people, i'm suffering from an issue that i haven't really suffered from before whenever i go to change my characters gender the game freezes for a moment before unfreezing, the characters gender appears to be unchanged and the game crawls to some low FPS, if i attempt to start the game it then CTD's for some ahead of time info, the laptop i run this on isn't your top end gaming rig, i mainly use this to test out mods and have fun, but as mentione
  5. so i don't know if this is a existing issue that's been fixed in the comments here or not, but i've ran into a slight issue with this particular file for some reason it seems to be increasing in file size over time until it eventually fails to download. non of the other DD files do this (tested it) and this is the only file that seems to do it. so i'm curious if anyone has the same issue or if the is a possible fix for it
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