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  1. “Only conflict”, that’s weird! You should have conflicts at least with pahe. Plus hsh aygas and slaver’s spellbound depending on which ones you use.
  2. Yes that’s the right log. The slave list should appear at startup. Otherwise you have the wrong pahcore script. It should be overwritten by DoM so make sure DoM is after Pahe in your mod list and pahcore is not in your save file. Or do you have errors at startup in the log file about missing functions from pahcore or pahslave scripts?
  3. Not necessarily, depends if the save is important for you. If it is you can try the pahe reboot first. Also it’s usually good practice to bind your slaves and free them before upgrading. Lastly there is the resaver method described a few posts above or the brute force method where you purge all plugins (except vanilla Skyrim) to try to create a clean save (load it with no mods at all and save to finish deleting the mod list from the save) but sometimes it gives a save corrupted message. Just remember to backup your save before anything. Testers should favour the new game or the brute force clean save methods to avoid reporting bugs due to a dirty save.
  4. So is this s a Skyrim bug with havok? I can just delete the items instead of dropping them
  5. Open up script instances also. Those scripts you have are harmless. What you want to delete are pahcore, pahslave, pahactoralias, pahslavemind and domcore, domthug and domgenerator. You might also want to delete the array thug_array if you have the message at startup saying you are limited to 2 instead of 8.
  6. Should be. But you can make sure with resaver that you don't have any DoM or PAH scripts running. If yes, backup your save, and purge the two plugins or just delete the running scripts.
  7. You can just backup your save, open it with resaver, in the plugin list find DoM and PAH and right click them, choose purge. That should do it.
  8. Sometimes you can just remove the script from the save using resaver. Check for pahcore and DOM_COre scripts
  9. Thanks for sharing! I am still partial to the low fov (I believe the quest is 90 degrees). I guess I will still be waiting for the next generation with wireless and fov>=120.
  10. Turn on the verbose and debug mode, save, reload, make the bad stuff happen again. In your logfile you should now have a list of the slaves at startup. Make sure she is listed by looking for her name in the log. Then look at all the lines in the logfile with her name and paste them here.
  11. 1. Will think about it. 2. Which ones? 3. You want to save your MCM setting and be able to load them in another game? That's sound practical, will look into it. Now it's on my November todo list.
  12. Version 2.0.1 is out. No new version planned before November so you have time to test it thoroughly. This version is to be used with PAHE 8.x - Thugs can now tie their slaves or put them in racks (furniture is experimental and random for now) - To get slaves outside of tied state ask the thug to gather them. - Start to implement a better thug package for punishing, not yet functional, so expect some thugs whipping or locking cuffs in the air.
  13. Quest 2 is wireless right? How long does the battery last playing Skyrim VR? Also do you need to connect to facebook or to use facebook controller software?
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