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  1. Hi Nisa! I've been using your mod for a year now and to this day everything has worked out just fine but now I can't seem to find the in debt slave function. I have asked everywhere. The support in discord told me to update some other mods like WW and basementaldrugs and I did that but it still doesn't show up. I have removed all my mods from my folder and downloaded them again but still doesn't work. I can't seem to find a solution and you're my last hope.. 

    Die Sims™ 4 19.01.2021 22_32_19.png

    Die Sims™ 4 19.01.2021 22_32_32.png

    1. BiaX


      I'm having the same problem. And I can't solve it. If you can, please send me a message!

  2. I know where it should be I have done it before but now it doesn't show up anymore...
  3. Hey! I have been using your mod for a while now and always update it if needed but I have a problem. I can't use the debt function it doesn't show up anywhere. My game is updated just like the mod itself. I use a few other mods as well could that cause a problem? I don't know what to do anymore... I have been playing Sims for years and I always found a solution for bugs but not this time so I really need your help
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