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  1. Thanks! For the Keywords: That is exactly how it works in version 2 of the mod, I actually submitted a feature request way back when I first started adding AAF support to get the gender override keyword added. The problem is (as best I can tell) that either the game doesn't keep the keyword attached to the actor, or AAF doesn't see it when scanning actors. I've made modified scripts that re-attach the keyword to the PC, but it hasn't seemed to fix the bug, which makes me think AAF is the culprit. For the script: You're probably right about it not being the script engine being overloaded, but I can't seem to replicate that bug, even when enabling the mod mid-game. In theory, the Quest only exists to provide the auto equip for NPC's, and AAF triggered functionality (by attaching a script to the PC), so if the quest fails to start, the mod would still operate normally for the player. The injection calls it's own magic effect, which triggers it's own script. If the injection isn't working for the PC for some people, I have no clue why. There is actually a ring that can be worn to cause the mod to ignore clothing, with a keyword that could be added to other things with xEdit. I had plans to write a MCM thing to allow the keyword to be added/removed in game, I just never quite got it (the MCM bit) to work.
  2. I had a play around trying to fix this bug. As far as I can tell, it's a problem with how AAF handles gender keywords, and I haven't had any luck finding a workaround yet. I know this is a common problem, but I can't seem to replicate it at all, which makes it hard fix. I think it's a problem with the actual in-game script engine being overloaded. The dick itself is a clothing item (technically a beard from memory, I think), and so it's not going to show with certain clothing items, depending on which slots they use. The viagra was really just a testing item I left in for shits and giggles, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't stay active. I've had a couple of attempts at bug fixing and refactoring the mod, but I'm not really playing FO4 that often anymore, and bug-fixing is made more complicated by the fact I was super high on (prescribed) painkillers after surgery when I wrote the scripts/mod, and I have to relearn how I actually made things work in the first place.
  3. I've been playing around with this (modeling/bodyslide are not my forte) and it's not too difficult. I might do a cbbe version, from there a AB conversion shouldn't be too difficult, although I don't use it myself.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. this sounds like the quest is not starting correctly. I'll have a look into it. Nude rings are generally not compatible with this mod, due to conflicts in how they both operate. Make sure you have M/M animations, then Cait should just be treated the same as any male companion. you may need to save and reload your game to re-initialise AAF and get it to recognise the change.
  5. Sorry for the silence peeps. Just recently I've been looking into some of the problems the mod has been having, and some of the feature requests. until I've got something more substantial, here's a few things... Using a ring mod to strip NPC's will not work with this mod. Most nudity rings do not actually make the character strip, they just put a nude suit over top of their outfit. Characters need to be actually nude for this mod to work. When using the injection, this mod attaches a keyword to the character to tell AAF to treat them as male. AAF won't notice this until it re-initalises. Saving your game and re-loading re-initialises AAF and lets it know to treat the Futa character as male. I'll have to do some testing, but this should also be true when using the futa cure. Because of limits in AAF, a character can either be male or female, not both. If you want a futa character to be on the receiving end of Male/Futa interactions, you will need Male/Male animation files. Even then, a Futa character may be the penetrating partner with a Male receiver. This is due to how AAF animation xml's are written, there is not much I can do short of re-writing flies for every single animation. This mod cannot force a Futa character to be either in a dominant or submissive role. The functionality does exist in AAF, but (as far as I can tell) no animation author is actually using it. This mod mostly relies on scripts and script fragments to do most of the work. If your game is running lots of scripts, and your computer can't keep up, some scripts may not fire correctly. This is a known modding issue.
  6. The suitcase can be found in the Ranger Cabin https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ranger_cabin If you want to add it via console, the item you need is "Futanari FEV Injection", I suggest searching for the objectID by using the command help Futa 4 alch
  7. I didn't make the original mesh, but it was made to fit the vanilla body, and as such, is not technically compatible with body replacers such as cbbe. I have been playing around with adding cbbe compatibility at some point in the future.
  8. Yes. At this stage, that's working as intended. You will need animations that work for canine/male pairings. From memory, Letio's animations can be made to work by editing the appropriate .xml file.
  9. The quest runs in the background, and is not visible to the player.
  10. Those lines are definitely needed in your Fallout4Custom.ini file. It sounds like something in your load order is causing the freeze when the game tries to load it. I don't see any obvious conflicts at first glance, but it's as a first step, it's definitely worth running LOOT (if you're not using Vortex) and letting it sort your load order and find conflicts.
  11. It's a known issue, and (from what I understand) a problem within Looksmenu that we're awaiting a fix for. It only occurs in initial character creation.
  12. Does Vioxsis mind people using their assets though? I'd hate to step on any toes. Fourplay does too, but they're hardcoded into the scripts, which makes it a right bother to get Fourplay to use anything else. AAF is much easier, but it still requires a bit of scripting and xml to get it to use new things in any Male animation. So I'm recycling my existing mod code, and turning it into something of a framework, to make it easier for myself (and others) to add new strap-ons / genital replacers.
  13. So, I'm working on the newest iteration of my Mod, which is more of a framework to bridge the gap between making a strap-on / genital replacer, and Fourplay/AAF/MCM. Anyway, I need at least one model of strap-on to include in my mod, and I have discovered I am a rubbish modeller. So does anyone know of a mod/asset pack that I can include? I'll either need explicit permission from the artist, or a clear permission for assets to be used with credit.
  14. I'm working on it, just chasing down bugs currently.
  15. Fourplay is now more or less supported in the 2.1.1 FP Version, see the notes on the download page Fourplay will now recognise a player Futa character as male by default. with a female/futa NPC, you should always be in the giving position, you might still receive from a male NPC though.
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