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  1. Why not just use a public proxy?
  2. I just installed this mod and started a new game. I put the settings pretty low (5% stalkers, 10% combat). Sunnys dog was my first stalker and raped me pretty early and got me pregnant straight away. Not a problem really, but a bit unexpected. However, after the 6 hours elapsed he turned aggressive. Since he attacks me, Sunny does too. If I fight back, the whole town attacks me. I did a google search, and there was one person mentioning that they get attacked by "friendly" dogs from multiple factions on different characters. So I'm not sure if the issue is with the mod or just a
  3. I have the same issue. Lots of item names (even vanilla items) and sex dialog are displaying messed up. I assume it's trying to load Japanese characters, but I thought this was an English version? I started with a fresh install of NV and added all the CW Series files from the recent mediafile link, and applied them in the order outlined on http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-1919537-1-1.html, then loaded the load-order from there into FOMM. The only thing I've omitted is the TTW stuff. Additionally, none of the raiders or other un-named NPCs have turned into CWDolls, I was under the impre
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