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  1. What are the various belts and plugs that it generates?
  2. I built the CBBE body type in Bodyslide. How do I select it?
  3. I do not believe I did. I think I just did the devices in bodyslide. How do I do the body itself?
  4. A little help needed here. I had to reinstall all these wonderful mods. After the reinstall my characters are wearing standard Skyrim underwear (not naked) and said underwear seems to be taking the place of the devious items. Where did I go wrong?
  5. What is the "merged plugin" vs 'separate plugin' all about? Which one do I use? I assume the other folders are all additional content?
  6. These plugs only have an upside. They should have a downside too. I dunno, "vibrate strongly in battle possible causing the character to drop her weapon"? use your imagination.
  7. Enjoy! Always nice to have a new PC, running faster and smoother than the old one.
  8. That was the best part. The reward for behaving submissively was the enforcement of further submissive behavior.
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