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  1. Trying to find skin that works for Tsukushi since there doesn't seem to be one for her in the BP Skin package.
  2. Thank you very much. Pretty much exactly what I wanted. Hopefully get to see my other request I made soon as well. *Edit* What high poly head are you using to make these for Special Edition because I can only find high poly models for the original version when I try to look one up.
  3. Thanks. I am looking more for a character preset than a follower right now but this is still pretty good.
  4. The site I found this preset in doesn't appear to be available anymore and was looking to see if anyone could try their shot at remaking it. Prefer high elf as stated in my previous post
  5. If I could get this as a high elf preset that would be nice. There's not enough presets of that race.
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