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  1. Are you using this? You need both the SL you have and this.
  2. Guides are hard to write, especially when you are just ok at modding (like me). I've been modding for a long time, but to come up with a full guide of mods that work perfectly together is damn near impossible, especially with a game like Skyrim which has so many mods. Use my guide only as reference, it's not perfect by any means. Also, I haven't gotten many adult mods yet. I started by focusing on mods that other mods rely on, then I did what usually happens when I mod, I got sidetracked. Then took a day off, lol. But I'm in the mood to work on this today, so I'm going
  3. I'm here to help - with small stuff, I'm not that good at troubleshooting - but if you follow my guide (so far) than you should be pretty good for the most part. Just don't use conflicting mods like different bodies. And try Vortex. Seriously, if you need help with that I can help. Learning it now would be good.
  4. For SE yes, more than possible, for VR yes, as long as your PC can handle it. But something like this load order is done with MO2, I don't know if even Vortex could do this many mods and run.
  5. I've been referring to Reddit through google searches a lot, so I was using some of Reddit's resources, but having that link will help.
  6. Nice rig, I have basically the same minus the graphics card. And thanks, I like Reddit, sometimes, but haven't checked this link you shared - I will, as any resources are nice to have. I just want an easy and straight forward list of VR compatible mods - even if I have to create it myself. Basically a one stop shop if possible. I also love LL, but wish it was easier to search for stuff - but being the content, I understand why it is the way it is.
  7. Hell yeah, very nice, thanks. I will get around to looking at it, I don't really know what I'm doing with my guide, but we'll see. It'll just be nice to have a lot of working VR mods to refer to in one place.
  8. The thing with NMM is it is old and outdated. Nexus has moved on from NMM to Vortex. I do recommend using something other than NMM, as I can't guarantee how well it will work. But this is an in-depth process. You have to completely delete everything for Skyrim VR if you don't just uninstall it completely (EDIT - DON'T delete Skyrim VR, but the mods out of NMM instead, then delete NMM and switch to a different Mod Manager)- which I do recommend. Learning how to use an updated Mod Manager now will only help you in the future. If you do this, as I said, completely uninsta
  9. Ok, try this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8EbpSybdrS5tmmE3DqA0gvugMoRTd4zopTc7RbbIeU/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Lol yeah, I'm new to VR so it's definitely different. I honestly didn't do much in-game except to load in and see if I crashed and things were loading in. I just created this, and let me know if you can't access it, but I started a Google Docs for Skyrim VR mods, just to compile what I've found so far. It has nothing on it yet, but I'm about to add some stuff. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8EbpSybdrS5tmmE3DqA0gvugMoRTd4zopTc7RbbIeU/edit?usp=sharing
  11. What I was doing was following a couple of SE guides the best I could, while trying to check if the mods it suggested had VR Versions - many did, many didn't - but for the small amount I actually installed, mainly core and body mods, it was running ok in Vortex. If I find one specifically for VR, I'll keep you updated. Also, I had Flower Girls installed instead of Sexlab, as it is a lot easier to install (just one mod and a few patches) but didn't test it. It loaded though when I logged in, so I assume it was working.
  12. EDIT: I am still interested in a guide if there is a good one out there, but I guess I'm starting one of my own. I'll put the link here for easy access - this is for VR. My Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8EbpSybdrS5tmmE3DqA0gvugMoRTd4zopTc7RbbIeU/edit?usp=sharing Original Post (Below): I've modded the hell out of Skyrim LE, SE and now going to try VR. I've been modding since Morrowind, and while I understand it for the most part, to be blunt I must be dumb, because I still seem to always screw it up in some way.
  13. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91861-sexlab-framework-se-163-beta-6-march-19th-2019/ Works great for me.
  14. I am trying to install this for SE, following all the steps, but when I try to launch ExtraVoicesFactory in the CK I get this error (see pic). Then I hit OK and I get another error saying: Unable to launch external editor for script. I am using MO2 and am launching everything through MO2. Confirmation that this works or not for SE would be nice. When I check the path, in the mod folder for MO2, I have Scripts\Source... instead of Source\Scripts... and the correct file (sslExtraVoicesFactory.psc) is in the Source folder.
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