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  1. Ok so being completely new to this I had just brushed off "bone weighting" as something to advanced for me and had ignored that part of Myst42's guide completely but it just occurred to me the other day that the bone weight difference between the body and armor was probably what was causing most of the clipping since the armor I'm trying to change was designed for a smaller body. I started over again and instead of trying to stretch the armor away from the body or delete parts of the body to reduce clipping I instead just copied the body's bone weights to the armor and boom, litera
  2. I had to play around with the settings some but that worked perfectly! As far as I can tell that cleared up all the seams and color distortions, even the massive lower back ones. I only have one more issue, I'm not sure whats causing it but I've been playing with blender all afternoon trying to solve the seam issue and noticed any time I run a .nif through blender, no matter the settings, even if I JUST import and then export it, no editing, it's making this weird sheen just on top of the shoulders: I simplified it trying to find the seam problem and am just us
  3. Hey so for the first time I'm trying to convert an entire armor replacer to a different body size and so far I've been able to figure things out through guides, videos, and mainly trial and error, lots and lots of trial and error. Right now I'm stuck on blender. I'm trying to manually edit the armors in blender after running them through the clothing converter to fix the clipping and so far I've been able to edit the armor meshes and export them without issue but if I try to edit the body, like deleting the nipples so they dont poke through the top, it causes these hideous seams:
  4. Anyone know if theres anyway to have a opinion_of_male/opinion_of_female without adding some kind of male/female traits or character modifiers?
  5. Good to know atleast. Thanks again for your help
  6. That fixed it! Everything is working like its supposed to now. So since it changed the player to female.. would it trying to load the default Imperial male when starting a new game have been causing the crash? Anyway I really appreciate your help, super helpful as always 😀
  7. I cant even get to the character creation menu, the game will boot up but when I press new game it crashes. At this point I'm more interested in figuring out why than actually getting it to work lol. As I said I've never been able to make this mod work, this happens wether I have 5 mods or 200 and its only ever happened with this particular mod. I'm using this one.
  8. Right so I had this same issue trying to do an Oblivion play through a while back and I just assumed it was some kind of conflict as I had 160+ plugins. I recently did a fresh install now with only 60 plugins (half of them are the dlc's and patches from UOP) and I'm having the exact same issue, when I hit new game the game crashes when trying to load in. I tried looking around in the CK thinking maybe there were some secret requirements but couldn't find anything obvious. Theres another thread here on LL with some guy having the exact same problem but it was never resolved.
  9. So for two days I tried changing my load order and uninstalling different mods with no luck but this morning, not sure if its just a coincidence or what, but after starting the Whore of Babylon and the NCR one in Camp whatsitcalled everything is working fine now, approaches, dialogue, animations, etc. Thanks anyway though
  10. Welp turns out I was wrong. I assumed since neither the NCR or Legion npcs would actually open dialogue with me that the mod wasint working but I finally got to Freeside and the Kings are approaching me and opening dialogue like they're supposed to and the animation and all are playing just fine after the dialogue closes. Havent been able to test any other factions yet as I sided with Goodsprings in the beginning. I know this is a dumb question but is there some kind of perquisite or reputation requirement to be engaged by the NCR or Legion? As far as I know I have no mods that aff
  11. Apologies, I'm sure this has been answered ad nauseam but I'm having an issue with npc's approaching me. If I get within range the npc will walk towards me but they just stop next to me, nothing ever happens. 99% of the time they just idle next to me not doing anything, if I move they'll follow and just keep standing there. Thing is, I've noticed atleast twice now the npc has tried to open the dialogue window but it closes instantaneously. Not sure if its at all relevant but looking under the Dialog Topic of SexoutTryout in FNVEdit shows the Greeting being overwritten by 10 or so o
  12. I seem to be having an issue actually making milk, I have the default pasties equipped (supply and demand) and when I pick up a milk bottle I'll get the cleaning notification and then it says my character has been milked but nothing actually happens. I keep getting the messages on repeat but the milk bottle isn't changing into a consumable, it just stays under Misc. Am I just missing something or is my game bugging?
  13. Okay so you were right, it was a missing texture and not the nif. After an hour of trial and error it turns out the little daggers on the armor use a unique texture and not having them was causing the crash, I copied the 2 .dds files over and everything working fine now. Didint even know missing textures could cause crashes, thought they just made stuff purple 😂. Thanks for the help
  14. Hey guys so I found the clothing converter the other day and having been using it a ton without issue. I made a new lattice today using a different body but when I equip the converted armor my game crashes. The first time it crashed I loaded it in nifskope and the lowerbody was blocky for some reason so I remade the lattice and mesh and now it looks fine in nifskope but its still crashing my game. I'm just now learning about meshes, blender, etc and have no idea how to look for a problem. Could someone with more knowledge on this tell me why its not working all the sudden?
  15. Can the Dagon heresies randomly pop up like Cathar or Waldanesian do for Catholics? Or does that only work for vanilla religions?
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