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  1. Hi all, So, trying to do a kinky playthrough, I wanted to wear bikini armor and have the chastity bra and belt replace the bikini top and bottom, respectively. However, they do not line up like that. I mapped out armor slots here: The first column is slot number, second is DD recommendation, third is DD actual, fourth is TAWoBA, and last is typical usage. Green indicates a good replacement in-game, yellow is a weird replacement, and orange is suggested re-slotted armor so that it replaces its bikini-equivalent (or doesn't interfere at all).
  2. This was a great game. Would love to see a sequel, but there's so much to do in this game that I'm sufficiently satisfied. Thank you!
  3. Those are great, I didn't think to look for swimsuit (duh). Looks like I might have to learn CBBE to UUNP/hdt Thank you!
  4. Hi all! I'm looking for something like this, armored or not. I've tried the gymnastics leotard, it looks good, but not quite what I want for this playthrough. I'm not too worried about color or shine, just a solid color. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for this. It works for replacing the locking mechanism. I'll keep looking for a way to add to the available options in-game.
  6. @Kimy Just curious if you saw this a few pages ago... https://www.loverslab.com/topic/33986-deviously-cursed-loot-v83-2019-05-07/page/873/?tab=comments#comment-2784939
  7. Would it be possible to add timer locks to DD items? ie: [ Lock it on! | Manipulate locks | Timed lock ] And if this is "easily" doable, I'm more than willing to poke around in some code. Thanks!
  8. I love this mod, and there is so much good work being done! I have a simple idea, for the timed belt (from my other topic): This would discourage waiting with the timed belt. If the belt is timed for 1 hour, and it re-locks after another hour, then if you wait 5 hours it will have been locked again. You'll need to be awake/not waiting to take it off. Another thing: Any progress with the spectral restraints? Thank you again for this wonderful mod!
  9. I found it. Page 185 of DCL: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/33986-deviously-cursed-loot-v83-2019-05-07/page/185/?tab=comments#comment-1198465 It's just an idea... eh. A great idea, but no mod. Looks like I need to look up how to mod...
  10. It was listed as being under DCL, but the image is buried in the posts. I'll keep looking.
  11. While searching for other tings, I came across this image. Anyone know what mod it's from? Devious Magic? File name is SpectralExample01 Thanks!
  12. Hi LL! I like the timed chastity belt in the DD series, and like the message at the end: "You hear a click and can now remove the device, or wear it just a little longer..." Would it be difficult to add a minor tweak? Something like this: After the belt releases, the player keeps the belt on. After a little while (a few hours? minutes? days?), the belt locks again and starts a new timer, with a message to the effect of "Seeing as how you must really like the belt, it re-locks for an unknown amount of time..." I think that would be neat. (PS- Would it be possible t
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