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  1. Does Sexbound have any additional controls? Like going to different pages of animations...etc? Also the Wiki is down.
  2. Has anyone found any follower mods of the very lovely girls featured in AirplaneRandy's Erotica Replacer? I've only found one https://twitter.com/DiamondbackVIII and I would really like some more. Especially the elves.
  3. Yeah. Did the dreaded Purge and restart. Did the basic starting mods for a SexLab game (below) worked just fine. Added Maria Eden... gets to the New Game loading screen and loads...forever. Trying a fix I found in the forum for it. Maria Eden SE was at least part of the problem.
  4. I use Vortex. And it gives me one for Maria Eden SE. And the Schlongs of Skyrim always bloody confuses me. I've tried both but I keep getting the damn underwear bug on corpses.
  5. I get to the main menu and select "New Game" then "Yes" then CTD. Doesn't reach the load screen just immediate CTD. I can access the "Mods" and "Add-ons" menus no problem. And as for the Net Script, It doesn't make a new crash log, apparently the game doesn't load in far enough for it to load the mod.
  6. I'm having a CTD when I try to start a new game. I recently got back into Skyrim and have modded in the past with success, but something broke somewhere, and now I'm here. My Load Order is below along with my Papyrus.0.log. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Papyrus.0.log Update: I've been going through one by one and so far Maria Eden SE and Sexy Bandit Captives cause CTDs.
  7. I've looked in both threads for this mod (LE and SE) and neither has the answer, so I'll ask here. How do I check who my prostitutes are? I have several scattered all over the place as I have inadvertently made a few names NPCs in towns into prostitutes. So how do I check who are my prostitutes and where they are?
  8. I'm giving it a shot. I'll let you know when I get a damn house how it works out.
  9. Is there anyway to make The Bondage House bigger? Like expanding the cells, adding more cells, adding a second+ floor of just cells...etc?
  10. Alright I've looked all over the damn place, but I can't find where all there 'forced-labor camps' are. I'm missing the one near Markarth. I can't find it and my map waypoint has vanished even though I still have the quest. I have completed the first step of it and sold the instructional slave and the follow up three, but after doing so the waypoints all vanish and the two I've found aren't marked as locations on my map. Is this a bug or ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Found it. The Forced-Labor Camps are at Karthwasten, Stonehills, and Dawnstar for anyone else who is having the same problem as me.
  11. I have the latest version of WW, MCCC, WWKinky, and WWPets I can find on here. As well as the most recent game update and all the DLC.
  12. Here are the logs. These are created upon hitting the main menu. WWKinky_Exception.txt WWPets_Exception.txt MCCC_Exception.txt
  13. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wwcommon.commonlib.enums.common_age' and TypeError: is_adult_pet() missing 1 required positional argument: 'age' TurboLib: [TurboLib] Failed to run '_wickedwhims_register_penis_statistic_remove_callback' method from 'WickedWhims' -> TypeError: is_adult_pet() missing 1 required positional argument: 'age' The TypeError and ModuleNotFoundError are the errors I keep getting. All the errors I get that is what they have in common.
  14. I keep getting the following exception. It pops a log for MCCC, Wicked Whims, and WWPets. But considering it has "pet" in the error I figured I'd try here first.
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