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  1. I've been busy these last two months. Nice to see the mods are still going.
  2. Soon enough I should post my edit, it should just only take placing the files on the same folder and adding some lines to body assets. I've been trying to teach myself how to model and paint textures.
  3. Not all mods, mods that only change the gfx folder don't change the checksum and are achievement compatible.
  4. That's not part of WaffleIron's mod, it was just me doing some tweaks to test what is possible.
  5. UPDATE: I was looking through the files, I found out that animations can temporarily apply DNA morphs, meaning in theory you don't need an erection trait, just the animator adding a morph modify. I can't animate, so I don't know how to test (I did try). No, you're not limited by PDX's original design. You can make any body you want, as long the body you create and all your blendshapes have the same number of vertices. You could create a body with anime proportions, anthropomorphic characteristics, if you really want you could even create non-humanoid bodies, as long all
  6. Oh, for that someone would need to create female body shapes for both bodies with vagina and bodies with penises. And I think all of them would need the same number of vertices (or maybe just each group). That's a lot of work. But once that's done, you could then just give a trait (like the Carnalitas futa trait) to activate the penis genes.
  7. Oh, that explains why I couldn't seed the world with traits! The modifications I did to WaffleIron's mod are a proof of concept and not really a mod, you can use it but it's not something I would create its own thread. The female body is pretty much just graphical work now. The base game already gives us breasts, and we have the simple slits mods. To improve on that I suppose someone who can make the meshes could create more realistic vaginas. Maybe add a textures for pubic hair as an independent gene? But that's all graphical.
  8. I am aware, the modifications I made to your mod are merely proof of concept - basically just showing how to implement the mod. I uploaded the file because someone asked, but again it's very barebones. I'm not an artist, I can't make the models myself so I'm piggybacking on yours to show what can be done. Also I know to change something you have to keep the same number of vertices in all blendshapes, otherwise it goes terribly wrong! Exhausting! There's an upside however: if someone volunteers to make the blendshapes I could just replace the current ones and I wouldn't
  9. I have tried to create an erection gene and it works fine in the portrait editor. My intention was to have it as a template of the penis size gene, so in theory I could just make the erection trait replace the "penis_size" template with "erection_size" template. I ran into two problems, one of which was solved. - Since the neutral body has a penis in flaccid state, the closer the slider is to 50% the more flaccid the penis would get, and it would overall mess everything up. I solved it by making an additional erection gene to be used in conjunction with the ere
  10. I honestly don't know what could cause that. I do have on_action but they should trigger the ball size trait seeding event, identical to Carnalitas's penis and tit size seeding. HOWEVER, mine doesn't work properly and it won't seed the ball size traits at all. I guess it's triggering this Local Coven events? If anyone knows how to fix that, I would appreciate.
  11. Here's what I have done so far: - Now penis and scrotum sizes are random. Characters will unique penises following normal distribution (all ethnicities follow the same rule). - Added visual traits. Eunuch characters will not have balls; if Carnalitas is installed and body part traits are enabled in game rule the penis size traits will modify the character's penis. - Added traits for scrotum size. Currently, I can't get the world to seed it as it does with Carnalitas's dick and tits traits. What I plan to do: - Circumcision trait and portrait. - Erection. P
  12. I have made some progress: I have added separate genes for penis and scrotum size. I added the genes to ethnicities so that they follow a mostly natural-ish distribution. All ethnicities have the same bell curve size distribution. I'm not a graphical modder, so forgive me for the trait icons. But yes, I have made traits to work with Carnalitas, they affect the portrait. Currently I have added genetic traits for scrotum size, made the Carnalitas dick size traits affect portraits, the eunuch trait change the portrait. I wanted to make a circumcised trait but I ju
  13. That error happens if you try to save with the Blender mode you can see vertices. To save without this error just disable the mode you can see the vertices. (Notice, saving with that error still creates a file, but the file will contain only the unaltered mesh).
  14. Did some quick tests, came up with this: With a little time it's possible to make an independent system for penis and scrotum size. I'm facing a problem, though, I don't know if it's just impossible or it's just my inexperience. In theory, it would be possible to create a morph for different states for the penis: erect, flaccid; circumcised, castrated, etc. However, applying those morphs temporarily for a scene (in the case of erect/flaccid) would be very difficult since it wouldn't preserve penis size (having your genetic flaccid penis size, then being assigned a pre
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