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  1. Does anyone have a list of quest ID and stages for the mod? I can't find anything. I some completed the quests out of order and it looks like the Whip and Chain Inn quest requires the Bound Queen quest to begin in order to progress, but unfortunately I've already started that quest so it won't trigger.
  2. My game is crashing on the main menu screen because it says it requires Devious Devices Contraptions under the MO2 plugins list. Unfortunately Contraptions seems to be LE only. Is there a fix?
  3. Just remember to save a copy of the models.pak before installing. When more mods come out you don't want to have to redownload everything to clean your game.
  4. Let's hope someone figures it out! I trust Larian to add mod support, he's been pretty good about integrating community feedback so far. Make a post on the BG3 subreddit and he will probably see it.
  5. It was a honor having you here. I do hope that you change your mind and leave us the most recent copies of your work as many users here (myself included) still use it with earlier versions of DD. Still, they are your mods so you are free to do what want with them. Anyways, best of luck moving on!
  6. Once I ask someone to wear something the dialog option vanishes, is there a cool down, is this a bug, or is this normal?
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