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  1. THANK you, I have found the way how to modify
  2. I have tried to find the number 1000 or 3000, but I failed ,so I don't know what to do o(╥﹏╥)o
  3. THX, I have seen that ,follow the lead and find that line, but as I'm not good at using CK, I don't what to do>_< could you please tell me how to fix it more specifically, thank you master and here is the screenshot
  4. I wonder if there is a way to modify the bounty crime (1000) which launch the Ravenbeak mod,I can't find the trigger in CK,please help me
  5. I am trying to discover why this happens. Riften, Falkreath and Windhelm itself send me to a weird cell with a door to Windhelm jail, but then nothing happens. So far, I've discovered that it's not a load order issue. On the other hand, it sometimes works. Now I'm trying to figure if something in the mod config is causin this. hum, what is more interesting is that the version of the sexlab will affect the consequence. The case will happen in the whiterun when i use ssl 1.57(although it is not compatible with xpo v029 ), and in Falkreath when i use ssl 1.54. I guess maybe there is something wrong with the position of the jailors.
  6. Thank you for the mod. but i have a little problem. when i'm caught by the guard in Falkreath,they take me to the windherm and i won't be released.
  7. This mod is fantastic but I suppose it not totally compatible with another one which is called "Battle fatigue and injuries", and i have some problems with my mcm menu(some options don't work), what's the worst is that in beta3 i cannot get pregnant at all, so i still use the version beta2.1
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