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  1. Reinstalling SSE at the moment. Horn of goondor sounded so have been mostly playing eve online. I had started to redo some of the older ones but then the 3BA body kept getting updated every few weeks or so which got a bit annoying. It's been stable at 1.52 for the last few months so will be updating the existing BS ones for the updated body and adding the new ones from DD5.
  2. FYI I run into this a lot when using/converting various follower mods. A lot of the times people have used their own personal presets that were generated to /actors/character/character assets and just copied them over to a different location when creating a new npc. This breaks the morphs as the path to the tri file (if generated with the "use bodymorphs" in bodyslide) as this path to the tri file is specified in the nif file. If author has included the tri files, then you just need to go through and update the path in each nif that has morphs. If the mod author doesn't includ
  3. @Karsalian Can you update the OP for this? You have to scroll about halfway down before you find out that in it's current form it automatically updates hair color and the description indicates it comes with red, black and yellow. Maybe have the latest version changes at the top and the old at the bottom rather than how it is now?
  4. Why convert the LE version when there's already a perfectly fine colour matching SE version with bodyslides posted?
  5. I can fix this if you actually tell me the exact model (leather boots, ebony boots, etc) and send me a copy of your preset. If you don't then it's not going to happen as the one thing I failed at school was mindreading...............
  6. Well Lexy's guide gives a good description on the merge section. Start there.
  7. CBBE looks for the vagina texture on the main femalebody_1*.dds file. 3BBB has it stored in a separate file. Try the attached file. It contains individual diffuse/specular/normal for just the vagina parts only. 2k and 4k options. Use gimp to open your existing custom skin file and then copy over/merge down the applicably sized image. If your custom skin texture is 1k then you'll need to resize the vagina down to 1k before copying and pasting over, saving and recompressing. You can use GIMP to compress BC1 for your diffuse textures (femalebody_1.dds) and BC4 for spe
  8. zMerge (part of zedit). I also used part of Lexys LOTD guide as a base so was able to use various pre-merged files from there (NPC Retxture Merge) or build my own consistency patches/merges for LOTD/Sexlab based on what l have installed in my load order . Also some of those addons don't have plugins (texture replacement mods, etc)
  9. Heh, SOSracemenu.esp not being detected if an ESL is only something that can be fixed in SoS. Greenmango already did it
  10. I use LOTD. Vortex tells me I'm running 1170 installed mods (of which 902 from nexus), merged down into 243 normal plugins, 198 light plugins. Runs fine. Only problem is the frequency of the updates if you're also using some of their other "merged" plugins like their NPC retexture merged plugin, which means you'll be rebuilding a lot of merges if you want to keep on the latest. Biggest impacts for me on SSE are physics and running in 4k (screen resolution, not texture size), and the physics isn't the much of a problem anymore with the recent updates to HDT-SMP and the BHUNP/3BA bodies
  11. I use 3BA for my main character as majority of my NPC mods also use a CBBE base, so it's very easy just to build 3BA bodies for them and use their existing textures. I have used UUNP, CBBE and BHUNP in the past, and am still using BHUNP for some of my companions where they are UNP based (Misty Skye). Tbh I'd make (and did make) the decision of 3BA/BHUNP based on the the availability of your favourite outfits/armors/npc's , whether they are UNP or CBBE based, they're both very good bodies.
  12. Is that with this mod or other armors? Whether a preset is available for an armor or not depends on what group the armor has been assigned to. All armor sets for this mod (both the 3BA updated ones and the non-updated CBBE ones), were assigned to both groups ("CBBE" and "3BBB"), so if your bodyslide preset is defined as a "CBBE" type or "3BBB" type then it would show when an armor is selected. If the preset section is blank in the bodyslide application then its due to either The "Outfit/Body" selection on the top left is empty. You need to select a piece of armo
  13. My wishlist for SoS contains two things. One being support for meh321's address library (so no need to update on Bethsdeda CC releases), and secondly the ability for SoS to configure the schlong slot usage via MCM like BHUNP and 3BBB already do for the collision armor. If you don't want to use SoS for pubic hair (but still want 3d pubic hair), then theres cubic hair on the nexus (which uses slot 49), however no SoS distrubtion means you would need to assign it to each character's inventory/outfit and it's not automatically color matching.
  14. Hold CTRL While holding CTRL click the "Batch Build" button in the bottom left of the bodyslide application (you can see in the picture in the post above) and choose your destination folder. Word of advice, choose a folder that is NOT your skyrim folder, then zip up the created meshes folder and install it with your favourite mod manager.
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