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  1. Hey, so i posted a topic a while ago asking for male protagonist hentai games... turns out that wasn't what i intentionally was looking for... So I released a new topic asking: does anybody have any good reverse rape/monstergirl hentai games? the type of games where you walk around and interact with stuff, much like monstergirl island, or eroico, which features both... I dont like the type of games w/o any sex scene animation. So if anybody has any suggestions, I'll be very thankful if you could share it...
  2. Thanks a lot! played a bit of Hentai High School, loved it! what about some reverse rape kind of games (with a male protagonist)? any suggestions, or should i open a new topic? ^^'
  3. Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to check these out! I like when the game has animation... was looking for a game for a while and I came across Monster girl island - now THIS is the type of game that I like... Walking around, pov, animated sex acts and, of course, a male protagonist...
  4. Hey, pretty new to this site : P I wanted your guy's suggestions on some male protagonist hentai games... I played eroico, and the tower, tried forest of the blue skin but I just don't understand how to play it ^^' so if some of you know some good games like these i'll be more than happy to hear them! ^^ Thanks!
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