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  1. How you unlock the special training? is it just the normal training with punching and push up?
  2. didn't work at all it didn't do nothing
  3. brewmasterhal we need 1.0 guide from you man! you're amazing!
  4. Spunk menu missing first it was stat then eventually the other menu.
  5. i'm having have a problem with dialogue mismatch (i'm playing as a female character so idk if it affect it). example When i click on the BJ option on the dialogue it instead play virginal Penetrate animation and when i click on the virginal Penetrate option it play the BJ animation, and so on. The dialogue does not match the action.
  6. Is pregnancy not working?
  7. On SOS Racemenu when I pick a male there’s no option for male genitals only sos erection. But when I switch to female however all the option is there. Help?
  8. Anubs Animation won’t show up in SL Animation loader! (I’m using the human version only) I have everything installed. HELP PLEASE
  9. *Bug report* it seem like the cum texture aren’t applying after sex.
  10. Can’t install it in the mcm. Mod status are disabled. I literally wait 30 minutes with no download (not in pause). Reinstalled 5 time. Nothing works. Help!
  11. I try those mods...but the mod I’m looking for makes the body glow. Without the ambient light from simma better light. And it doesn’t make a big circle like sslight and quick. The name of the mod doesn’t even have “light” in it lmao. It functions like facelight but the whole body.
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