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  1. A couple more questions. If that's okay. Does this Elin mod work with the Joy of Perspective mod? One thing I miss about VRChat that SkyrimVR doesn't have, is being able to look down and see your own body. Also, I want to hurry up and have an Elin ring and not scour the globe for ingredients to craft one. I got burned out the other night playing when I realized I couldn't just get an Elin ring, and I couldn't figure out the console commands for doing it. If you don't mind my asking, what are the console commands for making a Elin ring appear in your inventory? If I can't look at myself as an Elin in VR, I'd at least like the company of an Elin companion.
  2. All the screenshots I'm seeing are of an Elin with boobs, unlike in the game. And the faces look a little off from the game. Are these just a custom version, or do I have to have boobs and that different face if I want to play as an Elin in Skyrim VR(Special Edition)? I miss the old Elin mod I used years ago, the year Skyrim launched. And my Elin looked just like in game.
  3. I bought Skyrim years ago when I found out Elin mods exist and saw videos on Youtube like this. I spent about 24 hours in the game before putting it down and going back to others like Tera. But it was a fun and novel experience. Elins are great, I always play as such races in games. And this was enough justification for me to play a WRPG, even though I'm usually a JRPG person. I love how Elins have such cute faces and flat chests. I'm always disappointed when I can't make a feminine, cute, flat chested character in games. And Elins are all of the above. Flat is justice, is my policy. I have an Oculus Rift now and SkyrimVR is out. And has, decent reviews? I want to be immersed and feel like I'm an Elin and have an Elin companion by my side. Like with the Elin ring mod. But I only want to buy it if I know the Elin ring mod will work. I got the Elin mods last time on this site I think, years ago. And I haven't found any Elins on NexusMods still. I'm not really into porn mods or anything, but LL seems like my one stop shop for Elins in Elder Scrolls. So I decided to make an account and ask before buying. Can I? Is there any specific method or type of mod I should use?
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