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  1. Serpent still won't spawn on main quest on new game I tried using version 1.7.0, the quest start normally, Serpent spawned after I waited for 24 hours
  2. Same as @Xuvish the MCM shown Innocent Child and get popup saying Pirve is active instead of Start Quest on the video @killer905 shown Tried setstage to 10 on console, it remain same, the Child just stand there and after waited for a long time, Serpent didn't spawn too
  3. on the previous save file, I didn't bring the child to my house to select the dialogue, after select all the dialogue option and waited 1 day on the spot, Serpent spawned in new game, after select all the option from dialogue, the child stay there and do nothing (At some point have a option to play hide and seek + tag with him), tried waited a week and fast travel method, Serpent won't spawn I didn't notice there is option in MCM to force spawn Serpent
  4. I have problem to start the main quest, after activate the Innocent Child quest, tried every dialogue and waited for many day, the npc Serpent just won't show up. After many tries on the new game it result the same. Then after that I try to load into my previous save game (Save file that just after done character creation) (the mod was version 1.7.0 when initiated) and Serpent shown up after waiting 1 day I tried to use sqv aaatroublesofheroinequest and noticed that the save file that works have all the "REF" pointed to npc; while the New Game shown all 6 "REF > NONE" as the sc
  5. Having same issue when using notepad or notepad++ for editing, only Reload shown. But found a workaround by using JSON editor online, paste the code into it and download the json file from the site works for me @galgat Really appreciate the translation, but found some mismatch keyword in categories which cause the menu not shown after select it. By changing the word "Laying" to "Lie" and "Run" to "Running" in categories, the menu appear again as normal.
  6. as title, I am looking a mod that overhauls unamed npc like bandit, necromancer, etc if not mistaken, I downloaded that mod from here, but now I can't remember what's the mod name If any of you know the mod please let me know, or recommend similar mod the overhauls unamed npc Thanks, *Sorry for the bad english
  7. You can check it using Save Game Script Cleaner and it's useful for cleaning your save file too
  8. I still have problems with the link at download page. It only shows 2 files like below The bodyslider I downloaded from the link only contain 2 xml files, while TrX Armor Replacer patch 1.3.a.zip only contain single esp file "TrXArmor - 01Vanilla Replacer.esp" nothing else
  9. I'm having a similar issue, tried to disable all the mod that use DD as master and with only DD asset, integration and expansion in active, but it still same, it crashes save game and new game
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