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  1. Do you have "cmar_BreastSeparationSlider"? If so, delete it and download the latest version ("cmar_BreastSeparationSliderV2.package") from MTS. That fixed this problem for me.
  2. Do you use Wicked Pets 8.1? I had the same problem, went back to 8.0 and things work normal now. However, ColonelNutty has this fixed already, see entry 1616 in the Wicked Pet thread.
  3. The folder with the grafic files is missing in the new version 3.0-a10.
  4. Is Hod in Riverwood still alive? For example, he could be killed at a vampire attack. I had a similar problem with the hostler in Whiterun. When the person you should talk to is dead, the quest simply will not start and don't show up in your journal.
  5. I have the same problem, but I think I found what is the cause. It is probably a conflict with SexLab Animal Sex. If you want to have fun with the draugrs, you have to target them and hit the action key (default "K"). A popup menu shows up where you can select Gangbang. Then you have to "tag" the other draugrs the same way. When you tagged all, you target one again and select the action (2P, 3P,...). This have worked for me, hope it helps.
  6. At the Sleeping Giant, in a box by the fire.
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