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  1. text in the second picture goes great with body xD
  2. Just a thread to collect the current bodies you wish to release I will add yours to a list with download link so its all collected in one or two posts. Credit will be given. I just want to see the current bodies and want every one to share theirs! Link to Slider\ Current Body Textures working with it: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/54593-caliente-announced/ Sir Chase's First Body http://www.mediafire.com/download/wxafrja6z369uk8/FemaleBody.rar WILL ADD MORE WHEN MORE PEOPLE POST! IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO COMMENT HERE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME
  3. Agreed lets pay em and get a full replacer. Anyone have the list of all the originals that would need to be redone in vault meat ? ill send a comission estimate and see what he says. I can get all the images of current vault meat and maybe we can do part of it
  4. lets all pool some money and pay shadman the artist from ops pictures to make an entire replacement xD
  5. Significantly increasing the height of the thighs would probably cause them to animate strangely.. but I can give it a try and see how it turns out. Enjoy Delia, I went though a vindictus addiction for a little while 6 lvl 85s.... I think thighs height is enough but better existing slider in my think. and i want make taller calf as 1.1x and increase inseam 1.1x contain palvis height location. That's my hope but i know it's hard. However thx for your HOLY work and good feedback, reply. release body please its perfect.
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