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  1. Oh! for sure. I'm might do Turkish or Polish next, idk.
  2. Looks like European Boys have a new member
  3. Well, he's not available for downloads. (For now)
  4. Stay Safe! I got a new taste 😚 This looks inspired by Sam Harris from the X Ambassadors. I might try full baldness with beard next time. 😉 effects from Prequel
  5. Thanks! I assume you knew where to put tray files, I suggest for you to create folder "Sims" in the mod folder and simply just put them there. Like this
  6. Paddy’s sure good with animal 😂 Please tell me there’ll be season 2. If there isn’t, “I’m going to riot”
  7. @Stories4Sims that cat’s sure a fortune cat! Can’t wait to see what’s happen next! @wongfoo2003 I love how this is going! More mysteries of Neil the ranger! @Graffitysoul They are smokin’ hot! ♥️
  8. @OpheliaSim Thanks! Well, his surname was indeed Morrone because I tried to create real-life person into sims. this is the real-life Michele Morrone, he’s born in Melegano, Which is North Italy 😉
  9. I wonder if it's going to be an orgy or a gangbang 🤔
  10. He's cute! Where did you get that hair?
  11. He cut the wood, he's also the whole tree 🥵
  12. Stefan Holm / Swedish I realized that I forgot to share his pic after I uploaded him 😂
  13. Allen & James / Irish & Scottish (Beta)
  14. The basement bathroom itself is cost more than the house 😂 can’t wait to see what happened next!
  15. One Night Stand? ooo
  16. How To Disappear The story has two sides of two main characters, Andrew Holt and Dan D'Angelo. Andrew is a detective. Dan is a leader of a fragmented clan. This story is a collaboration between me and @AllRosenrot Plot / Part 1 Plot / Part 2 1949 : 1/3 1949 : 2/3 1949 : 3/3 Live or Die (Concept)
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