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  1. Sorry for replying late, they took forever for letting me in the group. yes, I saw the post and I’m okay with it because they didn’t claim it as theirs and also mentioned to me. Thank you for letting me know!
  2. Gellert got a little "muscle" pain right now, anyone who could help him?
  3. Oh! for sure. I'm might do Turkish or Polish next, idk.
  4. Looks like European Boys have a new member
  5. Well, he's not available for downloads. (For now)
  6. Stay Safe! I got a new taste 😚 This looks inspired by Sam Harris from the X Ambassadors. I might try full baldness with beard next time. 😉 effects from Prequel
  7. Thanks! I assume you knew where to put tray files, I suggest for you to create folder "Sims" in the mod folder and simply just put them there. Like this
  8. Paddy’s sure good with animal 😂 Please tell me there’ll be season 2. If there isn’t, “I’m going to riot”
  9. @Stories4Sims that cat’s sure a fortune cat! Can’t wait to see what’s happen next! @wongfoo2003 I love how this is going! More mysteries of Neil the ranger! @Graffitysoul They are smokin’ hot! ♥️
  10. @OpheliaSim Thanks! Well, his surname was indeed Morrone because I tried to create real-life person into sims. this is the real-life Michele Morrone, he’s born in Melegano, Which is North Italy 😉
  11. I wonder if it's going to be an orgy or a gangbang 🤔
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