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  1. I just installed the mod and I have a problem: if I chose RAPE on a sleeping npc everything works. I tried to put a npc in a sack and take her to breezehome then tie her up and select rape but nothing works.. absolutely no response... any hint on what should I check? Also if I first tie them then try the rape... no answer.
  2. I feel stupid now,.... I just updated the mod and loaded an old save.... now it works of course
  3. err when I try to get into the arena a girls at the entrance does not let me in... am I missing something?
  4. In the arena, the fight starts but when the heatlh bar of the other fighter goes to 0 then it come back to full and nothing happens... cannot seem to trigger the victory/defeat scenes...
  5. Sorry but I cannot find the armbinder for the armb-binder pose ... should it be in Deviously Cursed Loot or in some other mod?
  6. Hmm I seem to have an error FATAL THREAD fail to find animations... am I missing something? I have installed a lot of animations in sexlab, maybe I use the wrong tabs?
  7. Sorry for the stupid question: can I make NPCs wear Devices? and how do I do that?
  8. Hello, is there a way to reset all the mod, if I uninstall it and re-install again it starts from the beginning?
  9. I have to worship Nocturnal's statue at Rannveig's fast but when I go there, there is no activate spot!
  10. Little question: i started with a new clean game, but why Nocturnal says "we will skip death and rebirth ritual" after I worship the skull? I checked the MCM and everything seems to be in place! I have my virginity and nothing seems different from the previous save I had, where the ritual got place.
  11. can I have a hint on where the dwarven bondage happens? just raomed some ruins with no results
  12. I get a strange texture right in the waist area... don't know what I should check!
  13. Hello I know that probably I should "make" it myself but I am really bad in these kind of things, and I do not know if it is even possible, so I ask here. Anyone knows of a bondage-oriented mod? I have something in mind but as I said I do not know if it is even possible... I mean something like gag and armbinder...
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