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  1. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    Danke? Du sprichst deutsch? Warum ärgere ich mich dann mit Google Translate herum?
  2. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    I do not see any conflicts, but that's always hard to say if you do not try it.
  3. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    you mean what version of wickedwhims? but something tells me you mean something else
  4. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    but please note that some mods require separate content. the authors always point out.
  5. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    These animations all work perfectly. I can guarantee that because I use them and get no errors in the game. all to link would be too much work, the links can be found on the first page of this mod. in these animations are very many where the breasts move. have fun in the game!
  6. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    To understand what works or not, you do not have to be an expert. you just have to read carefully! The expert is turbodriver and he explains it really well, that everyone would have to understand it. 122a works for the versions that already exist and 122b is required when the new stuff pack is released. release is on the 16th of january. the new whickedwhims versions contain only 3 files, that's right. how many it used to be is completely irrrelevant because now everything is included in the tuning.package. turbodrivers mod offers a new content for sims4 in connection with animations. he can guarantee that this works. but for any other content that you add in addition, he has no influence if that should work in your game. that's logic. There is no allround solution, it would only exist if everyone used exactly the same mods. google translate
  7. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    You can also assign a different outfit during sex. via wickedwhims menu. that would not fix the bug, but the costume would be gone. p.s.: what I have noticed in my game is that the sims on the toilet do not always take off their clothes.
  8. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    do I understand that right? your sim does not undress during sex, but attracts a clown costum? that's creepy
  9. @trousersnekk but you have already noticed the bodyslide enough slider has to bring the butt in the form you personally want???
  10. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    let's vote who is for cats & dogs. maybe turbodriver has interest to implement it, i am in favor.
  11. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    problems with the penis? that could help
  12. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    for me the version runs well. no error messages or exception files since 2 weeks. The only problem I see is that my sims sometimes stand around and do nothing. Normally, the sims are extremely hyperactive. the only thing that helps is to reset object. but I think that's no problem with this mod. this is a problem if the sims have the good manners
  13. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    your version is compatible, it just is not listed.
  14. WickedWhims - 11 February 2018

    under sex the last point you can deselect individual animations
  15. Vielen Dank für das schnelle Update! Funktioniert perfekt, alles sehr sauber übersetzt!