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  1. Not that it would be bad, I just haven't seen one and wouldn't know how to make it plus get it to work correctly. The one whom I've had talks with about WW wants to know what actions are allowed. She knows about the "vanilla" sex and the BDSM actions, but she was asking about the "darker" stuff. She's a Psych major and we had been talking about the emotional effects of sexual violence, which led to me telling her about WW. She wants to use it to "plug in" the various characters into situations where she can see (even though it's Sims) the emotional effects. (Social Psych is pretty interesting!)
  2. (OK..this might not be in the correct area.) To be blunt and straightforward here: Has there ever been a sperm bank for use by any Sim who wanted to have kids without a partner being involved? We have such a thing IRL, so I was just wondering. I am working on learning to make animations for WW and I had mentioned it to an online acquaintance who was curious about it and asked about the different animations, etc that's in the program. She asked me a few days ago about the WORST things you can have in the program and what isn't allowed. Specifically she was asking about some REALLY extreme things. I told her that I honestly didn't know what was allowed and not allowed, but would ask. I (am personally) guessing that it would depend on the one who made the add-on what he/she/other would want. So what IS allowed and NOT allowed? (I'm not dumb, but want to be able to answer her question honestly)
  3. That's WONDERFUL! I'm glad to see that lists are being made for animations...it's hard to search and search for them and just when you *think* you found them, POOF! It's either the host site is up for sale or the dreaded 404 comes up!!! 😡💔💥
  4. (I know that there might be an answer on here, but I don't have enough time in the day to go through ALL 181 pages for the answer...) I'm looking for toys! Any kind, doesn't matter... My sim is a...well, you know She's slept around the Galaxy and needs something when she's not sleeping with anything and/or anyone! I have the stuff from here, but for her that's NOT enough... Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
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