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  1. Have you download Wicked Whims here at loverslab ? How it it censored ? It could be that you have install the "Streamer mode" .
  2. Almoste every animations pack got some a handful of teasing animations . I got at the moment over 800MB of animations , that is a lot and I haven't seen most of the animations already (it would take days to see every animation , lol) . I would suggest you , to read before the download first the describtions because often is at the bottom a list with all the available animations of the package .
  3. Just a questions , have you install also some sex animations ?
  4. Agree , 2 days ago for 170MB almost 25 minutes ........ now for 180MB just 15 seconds . ^^
  5. The only mod of that is gone now is of Colonel Nutty (something with pets , I have not use it because it looked unfinished) because of stealing the code of others . Just a question , which mods exactly have you notice are gone ?
  6. I don't really understand what you mean ........ I use Wicked Whims since 3 years and I got no idea where in the WW mod a strip club feature is .
  7. It's not a problem with custom content . Since the Eco Living update a lot is buggy , that's the reason why I have not play the game over 1 month . The Sims team is trying to fix the issues , and the have release already 3 little patches but the game has still many big bugs . In this video you can here about many glitches : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHWS8_7gfWs
  8. Thanks , I hope to find the cheat ....... not sure but it could be tough to get the swimwear because you can only get it completing the hard mode .
  9. I have download the mod and put it in PSP/textures , also changed the lines at texture.ini to 000000003d6d16b6a144eea9=pg/n1.png 00000000a05d61ed525fe56e=pg/n2.png 00000000fec54185a711f527=pg/n3.png ..... but Aya still wears the jeans outfit . What I'm doing wrong ?
  10. You can find a lot here : https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/161-the-sims-4/
  11. Could you tell more about the game , because there are nearly 100 games that are so . Is it anime style ? , pixel style ? , 3D models ?
  12. That is normal , because the are accessoiries ............. that's the reason you see them over the clothes . About "sometimes the piercings are not in the nipples but next to the nipple or in ftont of the nipple" ....... you must choose the correct piercings for each bust shape (for example : milky piercing for milky busts ...... or eve piercing for eve busts) . There are some piercings that you can find at the Tattoo section , that kind of piercing always stays on the body of your Sims ....... all other piercings at the accessory section can disaper when your Sims ge
  13. This are my favorite hair creators of TheSimsResource : https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Ade_Darma/downloads/browse/category/sims4/skipsetitems/1 https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Anto/downloads/browse/category/sims4/skipsetitems/1 https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/Leah_Lillith/downloads/browse/category/sims4/skipsetitems/1 https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Nightcrawler_Sims/downloads/browse/category/sims4/skipsetitems/1 https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/Stealthic/downloads/browse/category/sims4/skipset
  14. Your stuff is always privat at the gallery aslong you not click to make it public ........ I got over 200 households at my gallery but only 4 of them are public . Not sure if you can copy to an other gender , but you can save your female to the gallery and change the gender at the CAS ... after that add the male to your household .
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