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  1.  hey Nisa! I got this yesterday and today ^-^ wuv u < 3 


    1. mmwje


      the same problem

  2. thank you for the reply! but i meant without WW, like a mod for the base game woohoo system that had a group interaction. Like group woohoo in bush, group woohoo in bed, group woohoo in hot tub ect. Although i love WW unfortunately it doesn't increase a sims fun bar
  3. I've been using wickedwhims for, gosh, over 2 years now? and although those 2 years have been great and cum-filled, with the recent patch that broke everything in my game, i decided to try and go back to my roots of being a maxis match/vanilla ass bitch again. I have to admit with island living its actually been really fun! But a hoe still a hoe, and I DESPERATELY want to have more than one "woohoo" partner at once, even if it is just under the covers with some floating hearts. I've been scouring the internet but i cant find any woohoo mods? i heard someone had a 3 way hot tub but the link was broken. Does anyone know of any woohoo mods where you can have groupsex/3way/4ways? They dont need to be graphic, i actually kinda like the secretiveness of the woohoo's and the hearts are cute. I've been dying to create some more locations for woohoo + groupsex i just dont know where to begin with the dang coding.... if anyone has any tutorials/links for what i would need to know to be able to accomplish this i would be very grateful!
  4. Hullo to you, drdonger! welcome to the community~ it'd be great to see some new creative content on here! also i think some bad dragon dicks would be fantastic! im no expert by any means, but heres my two cents In the sims 4, most modded sex is run through WickedWhims (WW) so make sure to download that: https://wickedwhimsmod.com/ You'll have to create a custom CAS part (CAS = create a sim. Basically its just being in edit mode of your sim). Heres the official tutorial: https://wickedwhims.tumblr.com/post/179548231676/support-for-custom-cas-parts I'd suggest using blender and using the WickedWhims base model rig for your penis model. When you've created your custom CAS part you'll then need to import it into WickedWhims for it to be functional in the sims 4. Its supposedly very complicated and i dont know enough about it so heres the WW tutorial page for you to check out for yourself: https://wickedwhims.tumblr.com/post/145448014836/tutorials When in game, WW has a "body selector" option which is how to change a sims penis, its from there that you should see your new dragon peen! thats about all the help i can offer...sorry 😭 but i'm very much looking forward to what you create in the future! if penis replacing turns out to be too complicated, might i suggest maybe monster cock dildos? for that all you'd have to do is create an object in Sims 4 Studio. just a thought 💗 good luck to you, drdonger!
  5. lol i was actually just thinking about this the other day! I made a couple for that sole purpose, she was a vet and he was a doctor who seemed totally normal but on the weekends they'd get freaky with the pancakes lmao
  6. ahh love it!! 😍 very creative too! cant wait to see it in game ^v^
  7. I realize I'm about to sound very dumb and I do apologize for that, but I hope you'll listen anyway. how to make mod of a game pack? like, if I wanted to rework the vampire pack into a nsfw mod and change "vampire energy" into something like "cumslut energy" for females and "big dick energy" for males, change the color of the bar and have it refill from woohoo or wicked whim interactions, change "thirst" icon from fangs to lips, have it refill from sucking dildos or hearts (like icemunmun's harvestable vampire hearts (i'd definitely ask for permission beforehand tho)) just as a few examples. I've been messing around with blender for a bit now and know how to make objects and animations and I know veryy basic html coding and I'm just getting my feet wet with coding for wicked whims. with time I'm sure I could learn the coding for how to make this I just have no clue how. I've googled about python scripting and xml tuning but not much has come up to help me with this specific thing I'm trying to do for the vampire pack (or any pack in general), and most tutorials I've found are from 2014-2017 and are obsolete. really, I just help understanding how to get into the coding of this. I don't even know where to start with coding. Do I need a certain program? i.e modconstructor, sims4studio, sims4tools,TS4morphmaker because I do have all those. I'd definitely like to give it a go if only I knew how to. I'm aware that this was probably really stupid but thanks to anyone who read this and helping a dumb girl out lol. any references/links are definitely really appreciated too! ❤️ ❤️
  8. i really like the idea of the vines of the cowplant wrapping around someones body and becoming almost like a hentai-tentacle monster, that would be a good start
  9. any updates to this? it sounds absolutely incredible!! I'm surprised nobody has done it yet
  10. View File Sexy Windows ? ~ Inspired by MrBaSins's sexy windows right here ~ ? I was very inspired by these lovely windows and wanted to make my own! The big windows require spa day, the tiny windows require GTW ☺️ Hope you enjoy! ? Submitter moschinobabe Submitted 04/06/2019 Category The Sims 4 Requires spa day  
  11. Version 1.0.0


    ? ~ Inspired by MrBaSins's sexy windows right here ~ ? I was very inspired by these lovely windows and wanted to make my own! The big windows require spa day, the tiny windows require GTW ☺️ Hope you enjoy! ?
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