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  1. Felicia Outfit With Fixes, Blue Kasumi Outfit, Christie Outfit, etc also, can you please share a couple of screenshots of your collection of Oblivion mods?
  2. Hello, I am wondering if there's an archive of NeoVinci's outfit mods that are permanently gone from the Oblivion Nexus due to that Collections Policy that came about? I have been looking online for a couple of weeks on 3rd party sites and others like Archive.org. but I can't seem to find anything regarding the outfits on either of those sites. it honestly sucks. because it looks like there is nothing left of the outfits other than BBB conversions on the Oblivion Nexus. if anyone has any information on if they know someone or they themselves have the mods. feel free to respond to this post. Thanks, setho123113
  3. I sense a upcoming Uzaki-Chan Follower if this gets a BodySlide file!
  4. here's the Fixed ESP. but her name is three boxes. but, I have no Idea how to fix that. ntg.esp
  5. hello, i would like to request a follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition. this character i want to request is Cerene from "Bloodlust Cerene" it's a "3D Hentai Film" here's what the character cerene looks like. i'm pretty sure many of you guys know what this 3D hentai film is. if not. it's a 3D hentai film made by a company called Affect3D and they make all sorts of 3D hentai. also. i don't think Skyrim Special Edition has a "request and find" section available as of yet. i'm not sure. anyway, this is my first actual request on the skyrim "request and find" section thanks. setho123113
  6. it still is CTD when i put the sword on the follower in-game. it crashed in a few seconds when i gave her the sword in-game. is that a bug? and is there a fix?
  7. NIND (jimmyyu) i have a new bug report. the sword crashes my game when i go to my created asagi followers location.
  8. the armor is an error in the creation kit. how do i fix that? does it show up in-game? it said it could not find the model. thanks, Setho123113
  9. can you port your Asagi outfit to LE? or can i find someone to do it?

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