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  1. Hey love the mod and I remember reading you said you were working on making a eye patch for the custom races wondering if your still working on it or if i should start trying match eyes with what eyes files i can find? Edit: I meant about character overhauls.
  2. If i remember correctly it came from emily original mess and puddles was going to make a patch for it (not sure if he ever did). And yes theres eye files...fuck... Well rip me
  3. So managed to get everythig to work with correct textures (Used OCO for face mesh/textures) Thank you so much. Though I was thinking about using block head monster girls and i read you saying about OCO breaking the eyes. Would the eyes be alright or will i need to use your quick guide in the fourms to fix it?
  4. Alright so i rename the it shows up in the options to change the body type to dmra futa but when i click it, i get "Body type 7 doesn't exist"
  5. Thank you so much! Got most of it to work, and only 1 or 2 files i need to jink around with and check However the only problem I'm running into and i dont know what to do is how to get LAPF to use use the male DMRA file for the bottom half of body. Any advice?
  6. So generally I don't like asking for modding help and prefer just to use guides and such that are already there. However last time I attempted to do this on my own I broke my files and had to reinstall everything and lost all saves. Since i decided to reinstall oblivion again i decided to ask for help this time. So generally speaking I was trying to change most of the population of the game to manly females and futa/shemale (dont judge). So after I installed the LAPF, OBSE, and blockhead, I began the process of trying to futafy my game. For monsters I attempted to use the oblivion sexualised monsters mod due to the large amount of futa monsters in there. I attempted to separate them so it would only use the futa models but failed. While I do wish for help understand how to do that, its not the end of the world if i can't figure it out. The problems came up when i attempted to change the males to futas. So while the females used the DMRA Boobalicous, I gave the males the dmra shemale body ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42231 ) While that was fairly till simply it here when i began to mess up. Now to change the dmra bbb armours to male was easy even if it took awhile and would of prefered to download a file instead,(simply change the _f to _m) I ran into a problems the face mesh, hair, and texture. Last time I tried the same process as with the armour but it caused them to have a massive mismatching and no affect on faces or hair. I did try to use a head mesh (cant remember which one) and change how it applies. So to put it simply I need help getting this to work and no idea i need certain mods or what files to change Thank for any help and I recommend trying both the boobalicous mod and the OSM mod
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