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  1. Can we get a mods folder or list for him 😅
  2. is it possible to get a download for all the male-only ones? Y'know, I'm 1000% homosexual so the v's put me out of "the mood"
  3. Hii. I've installed the new versions of WW a bit ago, and there are some features that annoy me and that I'd possibly like not to have. Is it possible to disable the peeping feature, the traits (hero, innocent, etc..) or naturism? Since I'm playing in a different language it doesnt blend with the game and I just dont like those features that much either tbh. Help?
  4. Thank you so so so much, I love how you did the tattoo Also, getting tattoo-ed on a penis must suck (-hah- no.) Im sorry for my bad puns, Im a cancerous internet user. Cya l8r
  5. Did you already edit the tattoo? If so, I would L O V E to download it for my future sims
  6. Id love someone to create cum stains clutter objects
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